Ready Hour Cornbread Case Pack (48 serving, 4pk.)

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Everybody’s Favorite Dinner Bread Is Perfect for Camping and Crises, Too!

In good times and bad, there’s nothing better than the heartwarming feeling you get from biting into a slice of fresh, warm, tasty cornbread.

On campgrounds or battlegrounds, you can now give your family that “comfort food” experience by stocking-up on Case Packs of Ready Hour Cornbread Mix.  This sweet and savory treat makes a perfect addition to just about any meal - breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Ready Hour Cornbread is fortified with vitamins and minerals and with a total of 48 servings per case pack, you can have the strength, and energy to conquer whatever comes your way!

Made in the USA by hard working Americans.

Total calories 9,600. It takes 6 cups of water to make all servings.

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