Large Sturdy Ammo Crate

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Large Sturdy Ammo Crate

The secret to being prepared and equipped is having with you all you may need in any given situation. This can be challenging when you have to carry all of your gear. Luckily with this crate, you will be able to fit most everything you need on the go. Due to its sturdy nature, durable material, and resealable covers, ammo cans can also be used for a variety of household purposes.  Especially useful when you need to pack your essentials for an emergency. Indestructible and sturdy.

Used for storage as well.  Any man would love this as a gift for his tools.  When you are looking to keep products safe, this is a great bet!

Large Ammo Crate Specs:

  • Exterior 19"(L) x 15.75"(W) x 5.25"(H)

  • Interior 14.7"(L) x 13.9"(W) x 4.5"(H)

  • Large - Designed to hold multiple items

  • Latch and heavy-duty fold down handle

  • Water-resistant

  • O-Ring seal

  • Double lockable sides

  • Sturdy, built to last plastic