Coghlans Folding Camp Stove

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There is nothing more compact and easy to use than the Folding Camp Stove

Durable, compact, that is what you are looking for when camping, hiking, or boating. Folds up to nicely fit in your backpack or camping gear pack or store it on your boat. Use anything that burns for this stove, either the Camp Heat & Cooking Fuel or twigs you can gather from around you. You can use this item for cooking or to provide heat. 

Simply unfold the Folding Camp Stove, put the Camp Heat or burn source at the bottom, and light. It is compact, easy to use, and durable. Keep one in your camping gear, emergency bug out bag, your boat, and your backpack.

You’ll love your Folding Camp Stove and wonder how you went without it when you grab it in a pinch.

Make sure you use a fuel source that is safe for indoors if you decide to use it indoors.

TIPCoghlan's Fuel Tablets are an excellent source for fuel with this stove.