Aquamira 3L Pressurized Reservoir

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Impressive Performance under Pressure

Stay hydrated in any adventure with the Aquamira 3L Pressurized Reservoir.

This reservoir is pressurized so you can quickly and easily drink, cool down, safely share, and even spray your gear clean or put out a fire in a pinch.

There’s no other hydration pouch that can do that.

  • Patented* pressurized reservoir shoots water from the drink tube—like a drinking fountain in your backpack!
  • Wide mouth opening for fast refills & easy cleaning
  • Reversible & dishwasher safe
  • No BPA or phthalates
  • Lifetime warranty against leaks
  • FREE Frontier MAX filter housing included

On-the-Go, Fast Filtration

Unlike standard models, the Aquamira 3L Pressurized Reservoir includes two parts: an air chamber and a water chamber. Fill the water chamber with drinking water, then use the bulb to increase or decrease air pressure. Spray away!

Plus, you can fill this reservoir with any freshwater source you find! Rivers, lakes, ponds—you name it! Just remove the scissor clamp, refill, then plug an Aquamira Frontier MAX into the built-in connector for complete, convenient filtration.

Protect Your Thirst

Have a complete hydration and filtration system wherever you go when you carry a Pressurized Hydration system with the Frontier MAX inline Filter by Aquamira.

The Aquamira 3L Pressurized Reservoir is the ultimate companion for outdoor adventure!

*Patent# USD968595S1