Colombia River Crkt Kert/Key Ring Emergency Rescue Tool

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The Colombia River CRKT K.E.R.T./Key Ring Emergency Rescue Tool is a nifty little tool that excels in cutting webbing, or fibrous materials, when needed. It features a screwdriver, oxygen tank opener, bottle opener and 1/4" hex wrench. This is a pocket sized tool that is designed to make your life easier, and perform necessary emergency tasks. The K.E.R.T. comes with a form fitted vinyl slip-sheath. Don't be caught unprepared, stay safe and put one on your key chain today.


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This is one of the most useful key ring tools I have ever used. I use it for opening plastic carded toys for the grandchildren and myself, cut string, fishing line, small rope, open letters, etc. And that is just the seat belt cutter. Open bottles, paint cans and when ever you need a small screwdriver, it is there. I have used it for a lot of things and continue to find other uses for it. The key ring is part of the tool and that is what enables it to be so small and still work like a big tool.<br>I have been using it since it was first designed and yes, I am a bit biased, I designed it. I have heard a lot of compliments and have yet to receive a complaint. If you like it, let your friends know, it could possibly save their life and just as important, it will make it easier.
Review by Ray Kirk  (Posted on 7/6/2014)