College Student Dorm Room H1N1 Emergency Kit

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The H1N1 or “swine flue” virus has been making a lot of news, and some people are feeling quite panicky. But with a little bit of common sense, you can feel more secure knowing that you have taken precautions to minimize your risk. This is particularly important in places like college campuses, where people live in densely populated areas with frequent interaction.

This H1N1 kit does not include the bag. Please go here to purchase the backpack separately if you like.

Recently, the American College Health Association surveyed 189 universities and identified 2,000 swine flu cases. Some schools have even started to set aside specific spaces for infected students. At Emory University, a dorm was allocated as a temporary quarantine and became known as “club swine.” Other forward thinking colleges are assembling emergency kits for students, to minimize transmission and help them cope better in isolation.

While our H1N1 Precaution Kit is good in a variety of circumstances, it is especially helpful if you have kids that have headed back to a dorm life or a campus environment. This is where good hand washing practices, good sleep habits and good nutrition could really make a difference.

Here’s what you get:

Three emergency food bars

One box of 10 masks

One water carrier/container

One package of bathwipes/towels

One can of our candy. We pick based upon what is in stock currently as our food products are moving fast

Hand sanitizer

This H1N1 kit does not include the bag. Please go here to purchase the backpack separately if you like.

The CDC has issued guidelines encouraging students and faculty who are experiencing flu-like symptoms to isolate themselves in their homes, and avoid attending classes or coming to campus if possible.

While H1N1 is still being studied, there are still many unknowns about how many people it will seriously affect this year. The early signs are very concerning, but preparedness is the key to avoiding panic. And, of course, is the place where you find the best way to stay prepared for life’s uncertainties.