Credit Card Magnifier. Pocket Size Fresnel Magnifier Magnifying Card. Solar Fire Starter

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This credit card magnifier comes in a sleeve that keeps it protected and always ready to use. It can be used in every day life and in survival situations.

  • 3.5" x 2"
  • Power 2X
  • Makes it easier to read menus at resturants.
  • Works as a good fire starter by using the sun.
  • Its flexible to make it easier to use.
  • Carry it in your wallet, purse, pocket, or anywhere else.
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Customer Reviews —  4item(s)

Great EDC carry

I've really used these for fire starting! Great addition to Altoids tins survival contents AND your wallet.
Review by Spill  (Posted on 3/24/2018)

Great Price

Very pleased with item its great for starting fires
Review by Michael  (Posted on 5/31/2017)

Works amazingly

I tried this at a high latitude (Wisconsin) in spring at 3 hours before sundown and it lit a small bundle of fibrous plant debris on fire in about 10 seconds. Very impressive. It is also practically indestrutible. Everyone should carry one of these on them.
Review by Des  (Posted on 5/20/2017)

Credit Card Magnifier

I just received one and laughed, \"no way will this start a fire.\"" I went outside and got surprized within a minute"
Review by Bill  (Posted on 10/14/2009)