Datrex Emergency Food Rations Bars, 10,000 Kj. 2400 Kcal Per Package

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  • 10,000 kj. 2400 kcal per package.
  • High energy value. Ready to eat.
  • Non thirst provoking.
  • Small and lightweight.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • No preservatives.
  • Superior coconut flavor
  • Tabletized and subpackaged for ease of rationing.
  • USCG, Canadian CoastGuard and EC approved
  • 5 year shelf life.

    1 Package as shown in picture

    Ration Ingredients:
    • Wheat Flour
    • Vegetable Shortening
    • Granulated Sugar
    • Salt
    • Water
    • Coconut Flavoring
    This product has been certified: USCG (US Coast Guard)

    A few of the people here at JHL Supply and CampingSurvival.com have recently done a taste test on our emergency food bars. We often get questions like “how do you like this?”, or “what is your favorite of these items?” and we like to be able to give our customers the best answer on our emergency and survival gear. Therefore we put out our three emergency / survival food bars for all of us to try. Here is what some of us came up with.

  • My favorite emergency food bar is the Mayday food bar. These are the ones in the yellow and black packaging seen here http://www.campingsurvival.com/emfoba.html I like the cinnamon flavor the best. It is a tough call though. All three are surprisingly decent to eat. When I first ask someone to try the emergency food bars, they look at it and make a face and say no. When I push a little harder they try them and are always surprised at how good they are. They are a great survival food. Read what our others said about the bars below. -Tom Sciacca, President JHL Supply/CampingSurvival.com

  • I liked the datrex it tasted like a dutch butter cookie, would go well with milk or hot tea. I also liked the mainstay they tasted like a lemon cookie or lemon bar. -Tammy, Shipping/Receiving.

  • After our official taste test of the 3 food bars we carry, I find I like the Datrex the best. I prefer the texture of the Datrex bars compared to the Mainstay and Mayday, as it is more filling than the grainy-ness of the other two. I equate it to the taste of a Lorna Doone cookie. The Mainstay bar has a pleasent lemony flavor and the grittiness is a little less than the apple-cinnamon Mayday bar. I suppose a mixture of the 3 in a survival situation would be worthwhile, yet I think I would eat all the Datrex bars first and hope for rescue when they were gone. -Sheryl, Shipping/Receiving

  • The May Day, apple, taste like apple crisp! Mmmmm The Main Stay, lemon/lime, taste like a cream sickle(sp). Mmmmm -Lisa, Customer Service/Purchasing

    Long Term and Emergency Foods from Camping Survival Review:
    INo matter how prepared, we are all subject to life's little mishaps and emergencies. Sometimes these occur in the outdoors, and sometimes nature brings them to our back yard. Having a food supply available, with good nutrition and a long shelf life can help pull us out of those little glitches. Click here to continue ...
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I bought a few of the 2400 calorie, came vaccum sealed in mylar, there are twelve 200 calorie individually plastic wrapped pieces for sharing or help keep fresh after opening package, I recommend as emergency food or rations and trail snacks with lots of energy in a small package.
Review by TakeABreak  (Posted on 3/12/2011)

Datrex Emergency Food Bar

It has a great taste, but it does crumble badly which means it would not hold well in a pack. I would recommend the product for home emergency rations.
Review by Kevin  (Posted on 8/20/2010)

reveiw on emergency food bar

I must say, this bar was really good. It taste great,and wasn\'t sweet.The Only problem I have is it was crumbly.It wouldn\'t survive in a grab n go bag. I was trying to be careful opening it and the bar was crumbling .Fix that and it would be the best.
Review by SueS  (Posted on 3/16/2010)

Datrex emergency bar

It tastes better than I thought it would. It tastes kind of like a sugar cookie with a little coconut and vanilla. It is crumbly but filling.
Review by Joel  (Posted on 3/16/2010)

Daytrex food bar review

Tastes like a butter cookie, but a bit on the dry side, and easily crumbled. Would like to see it hold up a bit better so that you aren\'t eating powder or dropping precious bits as they fall off. I like the individual packaging idea. Overall a nice product.
Review by Stacy Brockett  (Posted on 3/16/2010)

Daltrex review

Worthwhile meal bar. Doesn\'t hold together well and is quite crumbly, but it\'s taste and ability to give you the calories you need is excellent.
Review by Paige  (Posted on 3/16/2010)

Datrex food bar review

Taste great. It is real crumbly. Falls apart real easy. Would eat this for survival. Needs to be less crumbly. It would be better if it held together better. Survival bars need to be able to last in a backpack for a long time.
Review by Bruce Miller  (Posted on 3/16/2010)

Datrex food sample bar

Small, self contained, and tastes like a cookie. Wonderful product for its size and use, I will be adding these to my pack!
Review by craig  (Posted on 3/15/2010)

Datrex food sample bar

I thought this product was very good, it will travel well, I like that is packaged individualy great taste, will go great with some hot coffee or tea, thanks for letting me try a sample I will buy some for the chuck box..and backpack..
Review by Debbie  (Posted on 3/12/2010)

Great snack & survival bar

I have been using Datrex bars as a snack & trail food for 2 years. A pack lives in my truck and in my ruck. They are tasty, compact and calorie dense for the space they take up. Each bar is individually wrapped, which is a big help if they get broken. Unwrapping each bar is a bit of a pain unless you use a knife. A lot of bang for your buck, and a lot of value for the weight and space.
Review by Steve Jennings  (Posted on 5/19/2009)