Dr. Stahl's Emergency Dental Kit - Deluxe

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This Emergency Dental Kit was created by Dr. Stahl DDS to help you through those inconvenient times when you or your family member may have a dental emergency... and can't reach a dentist. Whether you're traveling, on vacation, boating, participating in sports, or at home and simply can't reach a dentist, EDK is there to provide you with safe, temporary relief.

  • Lost or broken fillings
  • Loose crowns or bridges
  • Minor toothaches
  • Broken or cracked dentures
  • Orthodontic irritation

EDK Emergency Dental Kit Created by a Dentist for his patients!

Includes: Temporary Filling (Aluminum, Eugenol, Methol), Temporary Cement (1 gm, Zinc Oxide), Dental Wax, Denture Repair Liquid (Methyl Methacryllate 1cc-FLAMMABLE), Denture Repair Powder (1gm), Toothache Drops (Eugenol USP 1cc), Cotton, Tweezers, Mixing Dish, Toothpicks, Gauze, Instructions Sheet.

The EDK, Emergency Dental it system is designed to provide temporary relief for many of the most common dental problems when you simply cant reach your dentist. The components of the system are each labeled for safe, easy use. Please carefully follow all directions exactly and see your dentist as soon as possible.

Caution: 1. These products should not be used if throbbing pain or swelling is present. 2. clean hands before and after each use of the materials in this kit. 3. If any of the liquids come in contact with eyes flush with water and call your doctor. 4. If rash or itching occurs with use of materials, discontinue and call your physician. 5. Keep out of reach of all children, consumer must be 18 years or older.

Lost or Broken Filling - Materials: Temporary Filling, Cotton, Toothache Drops, Tweezer, Toothpicks.

1. Remove a piece of temporary filling material, about the size of the missing or broken filing.

2. Rinse your mouth. take a piece of cotton with the tweezer, clean and dry the broken area.

3. If you have some pain (but not acute) place a drop of the toothache liquid on a piece of cotton and place it on the tooth. Let remain for 15 seconds then remove.

4. Form a piece of temporary filling into a ball. Place ball of filling material into broken area and push down firmly. Bite up and down a few times to make sure your bite is comfortable.

5. Remove excess filling material with toothpick from between and around tooth.

Lost Crown or Broken Teeth - Materials: Temporary Filling, Cotton, Toothache Drops

1. If a crown is lost or broken or if you are unable to place a temporary filling then proceed to the next step.

2. To relieve any minor pain moisten cotton with toothache drops and apply to tooth for 10 seconds and remove.

3. Remove a piece of temporary filling and form it into a "U" shape. Compress it around the tooth and bite down to make sure bite is comfortable.

Recementing a Crown of Bridge - Materials: Temporary Cement, Clean Piece of Paper, Toothpicks.

1. Make sure the inside of the crown or bridge is free of all old cement and debris.

2. Try to put the crown or bridge back into the teeth involved. Close down and make sure bite is comfortable. Proceed to step 3. If it is not, remove, reclean and try again. If they are still not comfortable do not try and recement. Take some temporary filling material and try to cover the exposed teeth. See a dentist immediately!

3. Squeeze out equal amounts of temporary cement from the REDI-TEMP unit dose package onto a clean surface. Mix thoroughly with a toothpick until the mixture is a uniform, whitish color.

4. Dry the teeth in the affected area with the gauze provided.

5. With a toothpick place the cement into the crown or bridge and place back on the teeth. Push down and bite. Make sure if the bite is comfortable! If not, remove and start over again at step 1.

6. Let dry and clean off excess with toothpick.

Repair of Dentures (plastic only) - Materials: Denture Repair Powder, Denture Repair Liquid, Mixing Dish, Toothpick

1. Try to put the broken denture pieces together. Make sure there are no missing pieces. If this is easy to do the repair will be also. If not, see a dentist immediately.

2. Clean the denture pieces along with the broken edges using gauze or cotton.

3. Fill the mixing dish half way with the Denture Repair Powder. Add Denture Repair Liquid drop by drop and mix with a toothpick until you get a creamy consistency. If you add too much liquid add a little more powder-slowly, until you get the right consistency.

4. Now apply some Denture repair Liquid-only to the broken edges. Place the broken pieces together and apply the mixed Denture Repair material along the crack - on the side of the denture that does not come in contact with your mouth.

5. Keep steady pressure on the denture for at least 5 minutes. Smooth out any excess material with some Denture Repair Liquid with a piece of cotton.

6. Any hardened excess can be removed with a knife or a sharp instrument.

Broken Denture Tooth - Materials: Denture Repair Powder, Denture Repair Liquid, Mixing Dish, Toothpick

1. Clean missing tooth area and tooth of all debris and dry.

2. Make sure both tooth fits easily back into denture.

3. Coat the broken tooth and the denture area with Denture Repair Liquid. Mix the Denture material, as in Step 3 above, and place mixture into the broken tooth area. Press tooth in and keep pressure for 5 minutes.

4. Remove excess material with toothpick. Place in hot water for 5 minutes or let sit for 15 minutes, until hard.

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