Elzetta Tactical LED Flashlights

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Elzetta Design, LLC was founded in 2007 by two mechanical engineers devoted to producing innovative, high quality, American Made, premium LED flashlights, flashlight mounts, and tactical weapon accessories. For too long, gun owners have had to choose between cheap, poorly made parts from overseas and outrageously expensive components made domestically. Elzetta has broken that paradigm by offering top quality, precision engineered accessories, Made in the USA, at affordable prices.

At Elzetta, performance is an art. Elzetta products look good because they are good. Elegant form is the natural result of covering every detail, considering every situation, and coordinating every feature. Elzetta products fit the gun and fit the person. Precise specifications and stringent tolerances ensure proper function while thoughtful design and innovative layout provide intuitive operation. Uniting form and function, Elzetta is A New Standard in Tactical Lighting.