Fireade 2000 16oz Fire Extinguisher

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First Response Fire Extinguishers for Home, Kitchen, Shop, Auto, RV & Camping Fire Safety! Use on Class A and Class B fires. FireAde 2000 fire extinguishers are biodegradable, environmentally safe and easy to use. Quickly extinguishes fires involving wood, paper, cloth, oil, gasoline, flammable liquids and grease. For personal and family fire safety keep these small but powerful fire extinguishers nearby for quick response to small fires in your home, car, and garage. Contains no CFC • Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 2-1/2" x 10-3/8"

PLEASE NOTE: We can not guarantee the actual color of the fire extinguisher.

Don't fight fires. Extinguish them.

Industry-leading Fire Extinguisher technology. Works on most types of fires including hydrocarbons. Economical and easy to use. A nontoxic product with unlimited shelf life. FireAde 2000 Receives The Highest Environmental Classification After An 8 Month TUV/WGK Environmental Study Conducted In Germany

SIMPLY THE BEST FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguishers is miles ahead of other firefighting products. It attacks a wide range of fires. It renders flammable liquids inert. Its cooling properties prevent re-ignition. It can be used safely by professional firefighters and after minimal training, by race car drivers and mechanics, factory and refinery workers, farmers, automotive and maritime fueling station operators, home owners, office owners and managers, anyone who works or lives in an environment where fire is a possibility.

HOW IT WORKS Like other products developed and marketed by Fire Service Plus, FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher utilizes scientific principles. It uses its positive charge to attract and lock up the negative side of the hydrocarbon molecules that fuel flames. This creates a cocoon of separation within the molecules of gasoline or other flammable liquid. The process snuffs out the fire by making the liquid or other material incapable of burning. Unlike other products, FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher can expand over the area of combustion, speeding the process of fire elimination.

STOPPING RE-IGNITION FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher doesn't just put out fires. It ends the danger of re-ignition by quickly cooling burning materials. FireAde 2000 does this by making water wetter. A small amount of FireAde 2000 added to water reduces surface tension and makes the mixture ten to twenty times more effective in cooling than plain water. Car fire tests show that FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher actually penetrates deep into the pores of the metal and will l not steam off or evaporate despite the fire. If you have a car fire or nearly any other type of blaze, FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher will cool it in seconds, preventing a new eruption of flames and possibly saving a life.

EFFICIENT AND ECONOMICAL FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher is a multipurpose firefighting product. It mixes easily with water and the mixture can be applied to a fire with conventional equipment. The ratio of FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher to water depends on the nature of the fire. But usually the desired concentration of FireAde 2000 ranges from 6 percent for hydrocarbon fires to as little as one quarter of 1 percent for Class A fires which involve wood, paper or other natural materials. Because of its superior wetting power, FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher is capable of extinguishing a car fire with the application of 75 to 100 gallons of the mixture. It takes 1000 to 1200 gallons of plain water to do the same thing.

PROOF OF SUPERIORITY Over the years, FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher has repeatedly and dramatically demonstrated its superiority. Unlike most other products, FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguishers has the ability to expand over the area of combustion, suppressing flames, ending the fire and preventing re-ignition. In demonstrations before professional firefighters, FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher proves its superiority by quickly and permanently putting out gasoline-fed fires in cars, tires and other materials. FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher is rapidly gaining stature as the most effective firefighting product for racetracks, refineries and other locations where the risk of a fire is ever-present.

NON-TOXIC AND BIODEGRADABLE FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher is safe for the environment. It mixes easily with cold water, creating a homogenous liquid that will not coagulate or separate. By locking up the positive side of the fuel molecules, FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher reduces the amount of smoke and other potentially harmful substances that can escape into the atmosphere. The nontoxic characteristics of FireAde 2000 have been reviewed by the European Union.

UNLIMITED SHELF LIFE FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher can be stored for an indefinite period without losing its unique ability to suppress fires and prevent re-ignition. This is good news for fire departments and other users. They do not have to worry about product aging or deterioration. When it is needed, perhaps two, three or more years in the future, FireAde will be ready.

TRADITION OF LEADERSHIP FireAde has almost unlimited versatility. It can beat back almost any type of fire. Used in the proper concentration by skilled professionals, it can even put out Class D fires involving magnesium and titanium and burning at temperatures of 4500 degrees Fahrenheit. It was designed for use in a range of application devices and equipment. Most important, its innovative, proprietary formula was developed by Fire Service Plus, the industry leader in products that conserve dollars, spare the environment and save human lives.