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The Pocket Bellows by Epiphany Outdoor Gear starts a rolling fire in moments, 100% naturally with either soaking wet or dry firewood. Molding an ancient technology into a modern telescopic tool, the collapsible bellows compresses and focuses the oxygen in your exhaled breath. The Pocket Bellows is perfect for your survival kit, bug-out bag, or glove box.

Oxygen is nature’s gasoline and is the key to wet weather fire starting. the lightweight, collapsible fire bellowing tool, the Pocket Bellows, compresses and focuses oxygen directly into the heart of a fire.  The byproduct of this extra oxygen is extra heat which is the key to starting a fire with soaking wet fuels in wet conditions. 


  • Gives distance and keeps your face away from the fire when adding oxygen
  • Compresses and pin-point focuses oxygen directly into a fire
  • Helps regulate coal temperatures when cooking
  • Extends 2 feet and collapses to 6 inches for easy stowing

pocket bellow Tips:

When starting a fire with a Pocket Bellows, use very light exhaled breaths until you see the fires orgin point begin to grow with each exhale.  Then slowly increase the strength and length of your exhales.  When the fire is the size of your fist, you should begin strong exhales.
It is like riding a bike, once you've done it, you will never forget.


 Fire is by nature dangerous.  The Pocket Bellows is not a toy and is not intended for use by children and should only be used by individuals who have at least a basic understanding of fire safety and of how fire grows.  The purpose of using a bellows on a fire is to increase the fire's size and temperature and the Pocket Bellows does just that.  Read all instructions and precautions before using our products and always be fire wise.  Keep our fire fighters, forests, yourself, and those around you safe by never starting fires during dry and windy conditions.  A poor decision to start a fire during these conditions can be catastrophic and deadly, so just don't do it!

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