Esbit Two Position Pocket Stove - 647

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Engineered from plated tensile structured steel, this stove is lightweight and compact (3.25 oz., 3" x 4" x 3/4"). Features air flow slits in the base to provide a stronger and more directed flame and supporting side projections to help focus the heat output. Two locking positions. Packaged with 6 14 gram hexamine tablets and may not be Esbit brand tabs. Non-explosive > Does not liquify when burning > Ignites with match or lighter > No sparks > Strong heating output > Leaves almost no ash after burning > No visible smoke > Lightweight and compact Esbit products are lightweight, easy and safe to use and perfectly fit inside clothing pockets or outdoor equipment The Esbit story began in 1936. Since then Esbit has gained a reputation as one of the world's leading solid fuels. With high-quality products, which find application in the outdoor/toys market and military/humanitarian aid sector Esbit has conquered a wide international market. Research and constant innovation ensure that Esbit Compagnie and Gummi-Noller (manufacturer) continue to offer new products to all their clients world-wide. Our knowledge and experience also make it possible to provide you with market insight, technical expertise and product development know-how. We have developed our knowledge in the field of solid fuel tablets/cooking systems for now more than 70 years. The practical solutions help you to improve and enhance existing products, or create completely new ones, with great efficiency and cost effectiveness. Take advantage of the expertise of one of the world's leading solid fuel specialists.

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Very good stove

The best stove you can bring in the woods. its very light weight,strong,the tabs burn as they claim,and its small
Review by Cody  (Posted on 7/25/2010)