Fire Starting Bundle

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This bundle includes:

1 - Wetfire Fire Starting Tinder - 12 Pack (UST-20-1WG0412-BX12) - Normal Price: $7.75

WetFire™ Tinder is the perfect accompaniment to any fire starter, and can help you get a blaze going even in a downpour. In fact, the cubes actually burn longer when wet! WetFire Tinder

WetFire™ starting tinder was born from the need for a universal lighting material that was safe, odorless, easy-to-carry, and unaffected by wind or water. Elite military troops can find themselves anywhere, in any kind of weather. They require something that will light a fire in a rainstorm if needed, yet extinguish instantly to avoid detection, leaving no residue, no odor, no smoke.

Ultimate Survival WetFire™ Tinder is the best fire-starting tinder material available anywhere in the world. It is individually packaged in a lightweight solid cube form that can't leak or foul up your other gear. It leaves none of the residue of inferior petroleum-based products and is non-toxic. The cubes burn without smoke and can be started even in high winds and nasty weather. In fact, the tinder burns while floating in water, and burns longer when wet.

WetFire™ Tinder burns at over 1300 degrees yet cools almost instantly when snuffed out. A small pile of shavings is enough to start a campfire, warm your hands, or pre-heat a backpacking stove. Always have some of these cubes available when you go outside.

1 - Coghlans Waterproof, Survival / Emergency Matches (C529) - Normal Price: $3.01

Waterproof striker and heads. Approximately 400 wooden matches per box. Comes with 10 boxes. Ideal for Hunters, Fisherman, Campers or Outdoor Workers. Safety Matches cannot light accidentally. Must be struck on waterproof striker surface on box.

 1 - StrikeForce Fire Starter Black (ULT-20-900-0013-001) - Normal Price: $13.13

The patented StrikeForce® is an exceptional all-weather fire starting system. The system combines in one compact, durable package a special alloy flint bar, hardened steel striker, and revolutionary WetFire™ tinder.