Frontier Emergency Radio

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This Pocket Radio is the most powerful Dynamo Radio of it's size on the market. It is small enough to easily take hiking or camping, yet powerful enough to help one in an emergency situation. The main feature is that in an emergency,where all power is down, this radio can power up one's cell phone. This could amount to a life saving feature. The radio comes with a power chord with adapters for the iphone and smart phone (Droid) Other adapters are available in stores. The smart phone (iphone + Droid) now have 80% of the cell phone market. The crank shaft turns with minimal effort. Unlike other radios where the crank shaft is very short and very stiff to turn. The crank shaft is 8cm long which allows for a good leverage when turning. Features * Dynamo Crank Powered Pocket Radio
* LED Flashlight
* Charge out jack for mobile phone charger
* DC-4.5V charge in jack for radio charger
* Charged by USB port or hand crank
* USB port charge in cable included
* Cell phone charge out cable included
* Smart phone & iPhone adapters included
(Other adapters available in stores)
* Built-in rechargeable battery
* Built-in telescopic antenna
* Ear Phone jack
* Charging light indicator
* Volume control
* Manual Dial Station Tuner