Future Essentials Farina/ Creamy Wheat Breakfast Cereal #2.5 CASE OF 12

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Farina or Germade: Flour or meal (of grain or starchy roots.) Also sold as *Cream of Wheat, farina is made from the endosperm of the grain, which is milled to a fine granular consistency and then sifted. Farina is most often served as a breakfast cereal, but can also be cooked like polenta. Its name comes from the Latin word for meal or flour, which in turn traces to far, the Latin name for spelt, a type of wheat. Farina was the first genuine flour before milling stones.

note: Does NOT contain a BPA lining

GREAT SOURCE OF PROTEIN! Contains NO fat, sugar, or salt. Since the protein value of this grain is fairly good, using it in this manner can be a nice means of enhancing the nutritional quality of certain foods. It?s unlikely to be noticed in these foods because it has such a mild taste.

Since it is so finely ground, it cooks quickly, and remains one of the more popular hot cereal choices.

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