Future Essentials KOSHER Freeze Dried Canned Green Peas -#2.5 Can - Case of 12

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Freeze Dried and Dehydrated products are less expensive than wet pack food because you are not paying for all the water. The taste is great, the nutritional food value is excellent. Freeze drying provides natural and additive free fruits and vegetables to be stored effectively for long periods of time. Remember Future Essentials' Freeze Dried and Dehydrated fruits are stable products with a long shelf life and no additives or preservatives. This product is Kosher Certified.

Shelf Life: Freeze Dried Green Peas may be stored in the sealed #2.5 can (with included oxygen absorber packet) for 25+ years under ideal storage conditions (a cool, dry place).

Directions: Mix 1/2 cup of Freeze-Dried Green Peas to 1 cup of water. Let stand for 3-5 minutes and drain off excess liquid.

note: Does NOT contain a BPA lining

Ingredients: Freeze Dried Green Peas, Salt 

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