Future Essentials Dehydrated Powdered Cheddar Cheese Blend - #10 Can - CASE OF 6

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#10 can/ 6 cans per case/ 3.5 lbs per can

  • #10 Can (aka Gallon Can)
  • U.S. Government/Military Surplus
  • No Refrigeration Required Until Opened
  • 25+ Years Shelf Life
  • July 2015 Production
  • Makes over 9 lbs of Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Manufactured in July of 2015 and kept in cold storage by the military, we just purchased a large lot of these direct from a Defense Reutilization Office (DRO) Source. The shelf life is 25+ years (probably a LOT longer if you keep the can unopened). Although actual use is always classified on these kinds of bids, our information is that these were for the US Army for use in field kitchens operations. 

Mix it with water and you have fresh cheddar cheese sauce in about 3 minutes!!! Great for sauces, dips, cheesy mac-n-cheese, spreads, baking and more! To prepare, add water to cheese and mix until blended. For a moist, semi-solid cheese, such as for an appetizer or omelet, use 1 lb of dehydrated cheese and 1 cup water. For a semi-fluid cheese for sauces use 1 lb of dehydrated cheese and 2 cups of water.The minute you open the can, you will notice it smells just like fresh, sharp cheddar cheese! Dehydrated processed cheese may be substituted in any recipe using processed cheese. Rehydrate cheese before adding to any recipe to eliminate any un-rehydrated cheese in the end product. To store dehydrated cheese after being opened, place unused portion in a tightly covered container to prevent absorption of moisture. Refrigerate if possible.

You can expect to get at least another 25+ years out of this in the can - and probably more since there is no water or oxygen in the can to spoil it. These are perfect for storing and using for many years! You can have great tasting food in seconds with no mess and no waste - and it doesn't matter if the power goes out!! You can open just one can at a time and in 3 minutes have as much or as little fresh cheddar cheese sauce for dozens of uses!! Great for sauce, macaroni and cheese, au gratin potatoes, and many other uses. Perfect for camping, boating, traveling, or at the cabin. 

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