Future Essentials Plain Bread Crumbs can #2.5 -CASE OF 12

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Bread crumbs offer protection for lean cuts of meat like and coating for delicate vegetables in eggplant parmigiana. They add body to chipotle meatballs and horseradish meatloaf, and make a traditional topping for traditional dishes like and mushroom-herb macaroni and cheese.

Grant it, dry bread crumbs that you buy at the grocery store last for months in the pantry, if kept in a tightly closed container, but not forever. Bread crumbs are so versatile it would be nice if they did (or at least practically did). That's why we decided to can and vacuum seal them.

This plain variety of bread crumbs is perfect for you to choose how you want to season them with savory (herbs, cheese) or sweet.


Shelf Life: 10+ years if stored in a cool dry place


enriched flour (containing wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), corn syrup, sugar, vegetable shortening (one of more of the following: partially hydrogenated soybean oil and/or cottonseed oil), yeast, contains 2% or less of the following: salt, soy flour, whey, sodium stearoyl 2 lactylate (dough condition- er), calcium propionate (preservative) and sesame seeds.

**Contains: Wheat, Milk and Soy Ingredients.

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