Geniune British Commando Knife

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This blade is modeled after the Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife, a double-edged fighting knife resembling a dagger developed by William Ewart Fairbairn and Eric Anthony Sykes. It was based on concepts which the two men initiated before World War II while serving on the Shanghai Municipal Police in China, then part of the British Empire.

The F-S fighting knife was made famous during World War II when issued to British Commandos, the Airborne Forces, the Special Air Service (SAS) and many other units, especially for the Normandy landings in June 1944. Now you too can own this faithful reproduction of this iconic blade of the Second World War!

The British Commando Knife features:

  • Double- edged carbon steel 7" blade
  • Textured metal handle for positive traction
  • Metal - reinforced leather sheath with belt loop as well as tabs for sewing sheath to clothing or gear.