New Ka-Bar U.S.M.C. Fighting Knife

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Ka-Bar is the contemporary popular name for the combat knife first adopted by the United States Marine Corps in November  of 1942Ka-Bar Knife. Now you too can weild the iconic blade of the USMC that has served American armed forces personnel for over 70 years!

Model 5017

This knife features:

  • 7" Blade with Parkerized finish
  • 12" Overall length
  • Stacked leather grips just like the originals
  • "Blood Groove" Fuller 
  • Premium Leather Sheath with snap retention


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Customer Reviews —  3item(s)


I have had one of these knives for over 20 yrs now and has never failed me , holds an edge great, solid, from everything from my search and rescue operations to 15 yrs hunting deer and elk, 2011 field dressed 2 elk in our hunting party without even resharpening, no frills just honest good quality knife for survival needs.
Review by robert  (Posted on 1/14/2012)

Best by far!

If you want a survival KNIFE this is IT! No, it doesn\'t have a fishing kit, compass, weed-eater, nail clippers, or electric drill. Its a KNIFE! If I had to be stuck in the woods this is the tool I would want. This knife has been proven in the military and civilian communities a million times over. If you want a real knife, buy this one. If you want all the other "amenities" then get the others... and don\'t forget your scented toilet paper when you go in the woods.
Review by KEVIN JOHNSON  (Posted on 9/12/2010)

best ka bar ever

this is probably the the best knive i have ever owned youcan chop small trees dow with itand start fire and survival tecniqes
Review by cole  (Posted on 6/22/2010)