Rothco G.I. Pilot's Survival Knife

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Note: There is an inexpensive version of this knife available:  Rothco GI Style Pilot's Survival Knife, item number 3277, with a cost of $19.99!

This Survival Knife is Ontario Army & Air Force issued, 5" parkerized blade w/ serrated top edge, leather handle & sheath, w/sharpening stone.

Survival KnifeNSN: 7340-00-098-4327

  •  5" Blade
  • 9 1/2" Overall
  • 1095 Carbon Steel Blade
  • Natural Leather Handle
  • U.S. Made
  • Steel Buttcap

Survival Knife

Natural Leather Sheath with Sharpening Stone and Tie Down:Survival Knife

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Customer Reviews —  7item(s)

excellent knife

I bought this knife years ago, I have brought it with me on alot of outdoor adventures and it has served me well. I applied some neatsfoot oil and mink oil to the sheath and handel, to water proof it and to make it easier to grip. It also made it a nice dark brown color. It has a very thick, easy to sharpen durable blade that will withstand any beating you give it. I have used it to chop small saplings down and split kindling. Ive pounded on the thing pretty good and it still holds a good sharp edge. The only complaint is it has a seraded back thats pretty much useless, it also has a coating on it making it unable to strike a ferro rod with. If I could use it to do that I would choose this knife over any other expensive knife. It just needs a 90 degree spine on the back and no coating.
Review by jay  (Posted on 11/10/2015)

A"True" Survival Knife

This knife is the original "survival knife". My father gave me hisbought one,while on r&r.At the time I didn\'t realize what he gave me.But, for having it for as long as I did,I found out real quick.Then it got stolen.And I have some good knives;trying to replace it. You can\'t.So,now i get to give this knife new history
Review by Scott A. Chaffin  (Posted on 1/29/2011)


I am a survival istructer in alaska and recommend this knife to all of my students. It is very heavy duty and can take a beating
Review by Jake  (Posted on 1/5/2011)

Pilot Knife

This is the same type of knife I was issued when I flew military operations back in 1979. Although it is not an Camillus as that company is no longer in business this is of the same quality.This knife was designed for aircraft crew members as it was made to egress an aircraft after a crash.The blade strenght and its ability to retain an edge long enough to cut through an aircrafts aluminum skin is a major factor. The handles thick leather purpose was to insulate the crewmember from getting shocked should they needed to cut thru live wires. The materials used in the knife and sheath are designed to withstand high burning temperatures that are produced by metals found in aircraft such as magnesium long enough to provide a safe escape. Although some members I served with used leather oils on the sheath and handles which made it look better but actually reduce it\'s fire protectant qualities. I would not recommend doing this, it will age naturally and still retain its safety rating. Also this knife was designed to withstand crashes reaching upwards of 20 G\'s.The handles thick hexagonal metal is sufficent weight to aid in smashing aircraft windows and virtually all clasp used in military aircraft. Now that being said to get out of an aircraft this knife being well balanced is excellent for land survival. This knife will out live you and me unless you lose it.<br>We stretched out the leather enough to also fit a signaling mirror in it and that wasn\'t a problem since it riveted heavily compared to others and the metal reinforced tip protector allows you to wear this knife inverted without having to worry about getting punctured.This way of wearing it is the best way as it reduces the chances you will get tangled by wires or serrated metals,wires etc.<br>Given one choice of survival knife This would be mine.<br>Also with practise this knife throws with great accuracy.
Review by Pete  (Posted on 11/14/2010)

GI Pilot Knife

This was probably one of the first knives that I ever bought some 10 years ago... and to this day this knife has held up to every task that I have used it for. The knife maintains an edge for quite a while but should anything happen, it is fairly easy to sharpen by using the sharpening stone. For the price, I highly advice buying one for at the very least, just in case scenarios. the only improvement would be if the blade were a full tang.
Review by WendigoSurvival  (Posted on 8/8/2010)

Joe proof

One of my all time favorite knifes. Does the job everytime and is very well made. Essential for a SHTF kit.
Review by Chris  (Posted on 1/13/2010)

Pilot knfie

Awesome knife. It is very solid/heavy. The blade is very easy to sharpen, as it is carbon steel. The saw back is useless on wood, but very adequite for thin metal. The sheath is made of of soft leather and has a great feel, as does the handle. Comes with a handy sharpening stone and lanyard. This is a must have for any survivalist. It is sharp, not too long, very durable it would be nearly impossible to break this knife , has a great feel/ comfortable, the pommel can be used as a hammer, and it is looks cool.
Review by Ando  (Posted on 5/10/2009)