Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter/Parabolic

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Created and manufactured by Solo Scientific in the USA the Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter™ (Patent Pending)is a tinder storage box that can start a fire and has a signal mirror inside the cover!!!!! The Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter™ is used to store fire starting tinder in the air/water tight tinder box portion of the unit that is sealed from the elements using an o-ring. This keeps the damp air/water out so your tinder always stays dry! A great companion to our other fire starters!

The Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter™ is also a solar powered fire starter (Video coming shortly). Designed to function in any environment that will support life our Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter™ will literally function for as long as our Sun will shine and there is tinder to be found! As a matter of fact our Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter will even function on other planets - as long as there is a star nearby! There are no moving parts, no flint, no fuels, no gases, and no batteries!

In addition, you will always have dry tinder in the air/water tight tinder box to use to start your fire! The inside bottom our our Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter™ is a parabolic reflector that focuses all solar energy to a singular point just below the base of the removable and stowable tinder holder arm. The tinder holder arm is securely stowed in the top housing during non-use to make room for your tinder and has a circular area and an expandable slot at the top to insert and lock your tinder in in place just above the focus of the Tinder Hot Box Solar Fires Starter™ portion of the unit. Our tinder holder arm also has light through holes for maximum efficiency and the Tinder Holder can be changed from stow configuration to fire starting configuration in seconds by simply removing from the top inside cover and pressing into place! The top of our Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter™ is also a signal mirror that is there when you need it!

Note: The fire starting portion of the Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter™ cannot be used as a signal mirror as all solar energy is focused at a point just above the unit. To signal for rescue or to signal friends you simply remove the cover and flash the sunlight at your target.

The Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter is only 2.625 inches in diameter,.725 inches thick, weighs only 4 oz and can easily fit in your pocket! Machined from solid aircraft aluminum, the outside of the Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter™ is knurled for grip to make it easier for you to access your dry tinder during those cold damp outings! We are very proud of this revolutionary tinder box and hope you are to!

Surface coated for protection, constructed to prevent galvanic oxidation, will function with scratches, tinder is stored dry and moisture is needed for oxidation. If worried place tinder in small bag inside unit - but not necessary.

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Customer Reviews —  6item(s)

Geat cig lighter, too

My buddy had one and would light cigs with it all the time...was pretty cool to see that
Review by Country City Boy  (Posted on 7/25/2016)

A "must have" item

This is a great quality product! It worked very quickly and easily even under not so perfect conditions. They even included some dried leaves so it could be used right away. Not only does it work great but it looks great too. My buddy got one and told me about it so I had to see for myself how good it was.
Review by Copycat  (Posted on 6/24/2016)

Top quality

Awesome! I am amazed how easily this product works. The quality is top notch. I got my tinder started in seconds and it is a hazy partially cloudy day. The workmanship is great it's a good looking highly functional gadget.
Review by Huntsman  (Posted on 6/10/2016)

conditions need to be just right

too small unless the sun is high in the sky. I was disappointed by the presence of machine marks in the reflector and the lack of a good polish. better have really good tinder, it would make black paper smoke, but no flames.
Review by WhistlePig  (Posted on 2/8/2016)

Excellent little fire starter!

It's -14 deg F with wind chill, on a rare sunny winter day in Michigan. The Hot Box Solar fire starter ignited a piece of char cloth in 10 seconds. Faster than a larger frenzel lens in these parts. Because of the heavy wind today, I didn't see the smoke at first. I am impressed and happy to add this to my fire-making kit.
Review by Scout Dad  (Posted on 2/14/2015)

Definately a keeper!

This little gadget is awesome. My wife got it for me (birthday). I tried it when it was about 20 degrees f outside. Tinder started smoking in about thirty seconds. Works really well with tinder fungus. I also tried it inside with sunshine coming through the window. Worked even faster. Definately a keeper!
Review by Stemo  (Posted on 1/31/2015)