Silica Gel Dehumidifiers, Desiccants


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These Desiccants feature:


  • All Hydrosorbent silica gel desiccants is manufactured to the highest specifications. Inert, non-toxic, and safe to use, our silica gel remains dry to the touch even when saturated. And once saturated can be easily reactivated in any conventional oven for lifetime protection.

  • Family photos, documents, guns, optical equipment, electronics, jewelry, medicines, pharmaceutics, food, seeds, bulbs, horse tack, leather, batteries, camera, telescope, video equipment, coin and stamp collections and other collectibles, computers, tools, and other treasured items can all be destroyed by condensation and moisture in the air. Most moisture damage to stored valuables and supplies is caused by humidity trapped in a storage area which turns into almost imperceptible condensation that causes irreparable damage.

  • Silica gel has been the desiccant (drying agent) of choice by government and industry since WWII. By surface adsorption, silica gel drinks up excess humidity from the air. It prevents condensation within enclosed areas which cause irreparable damage: rust, corrosion, tarnish, oxidation, mildew, fungus, mold, odor, spoilage, spotting, toning, stains on stamps & documents, fogging of lenses, deterioration of seeds, bulbs, foods, and medicines.

  • Used within enclosed storage areas, silica gel "drinks up" moisture to create a protective shield of dry air. "It's like a miniature dehumidifier working night and day." Yet, needs no electricity. Hydrosorbent 40,200,450,750, & 900 gram units come with built in indicators which turn from blue to pink when the silica gel is saturated with adsorbed moisture. Once saturated, our silica gel can be easily reactivated in any conventional oven and re-used for lifetime protection.

  • Hydrosorbent Dehumidifiers come in five different sizes to protect storage areas from just three cubic feet all the way up to 66 cubic feet of enclosed space. Top grade silica gel is contained within a container that can be reused indefinitely. It reactivates easily in any conventional oven, so it can be used for a lifetime of moisture protection.