InstaFire, "Fuel in a Bucket" Volcanic Rock Fire Starter. 2 Gallon

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InstaFire Fire Starteris composed of recycled wood, inert minerals and shielded with a patented blend of paraffin which makes InstaFire inherently safe. Unlike similar products, InstaFire does not contain any harmful chemicals or vapors, making it a perfect choice for people, food and the environment..


1. Pour 1/2 cup of InstaFire on nonflammable surface.
2. Light InstaFire (InstaFire is not actively flammable or volatile. There are no risks of flareups).
3. For best results, occasionally stir the InstaFire until completely burned.
4. When using as a sole source of fuel add 1/2 cup of Insta
Fire every 15-20 minutes to keep your fire burning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is InstaFire??

A. This product is a Blend of Volcanic Rocks that have been heated to over 3000 degrees F. and when the temperature is reached the rock explodes violently almost like pop corn. The remains are very porous and soak in moisture. These rocks are then mixed with wood pellets and soaked in a liquid mineral spirit and then coated with a wax substance to make the blend water resistant.

Q What is this product used for?

A. It can be used in many different applications. With a long burn time of over 30 minutes, this can be used as a stand alone fire. Use it in the back yard fire pit or take some camping with you. Insta-fire can also be used as a fire starter. If you have plenty of wood for a fire, use a cup or two of insta-fire to get your fire going. It works well with any size wood. Use a teepee type or a log cabin type fire with insta-fire in the middle to start your next fire. Best of all Insta-fire is a Charcoal Briquette Lighter. Place a cup of Insta-fire in the bottom of your grill under the rack, and place 20 -30 briquettes on top of the rack, light the insta-fire and in seven minutes the charcoal will be ready to cook on.

Q. Why do I need Insta-fire?

A. If you ever light a fire, need a fire, cook with fire, then you need this product. It was designed as an emergency fire starter. If you are Back packing, hiking camping, fishing, hunting, survival, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, skiing, mountain climbing, four wheeling, any thing to do with the out doors, you will need this fire starter, at least once in your journey.

Q. How much fire does will this produce?

A. In our preliminary tests, Insta-fire produced a 16 inch high flame for 30 minutes.

Q. How Fast Does it light?

A. Our tests have shown a light time of  second, depending on the humidity and type of match or lighter used we estimate that 5 seconds may be needed.

Q. Is InstaFire Dangerous Will it explode?

A. This is NOT a combustible substance therefore there is no explosion hazard, due to the wax substance it is recommended that this product be kept in a cool dry place or the wax will melt.

Q. Does it work if it gets wet?

A. Due to the wax substance, this product is water resistant it will work if it gets wet.

Q. Can I extinguish the product and then re-use it or do I have to use what I burn?

A. Yes, you can smother the fire and then re-use the fire starter at your own time.

Q. Does InstaFire work in the wind or will it blow out?

A. You do have to shield the product from the wind when you first light it, however test have shown that it will burn in winds in upwards of 30 MPH.

Q. Will it boil Water?

A. Yes, this product will boil 2 cups of water in 15 minutes.

Q. Is there an Odor?

A. Yes, there is an odor, we use Pine wood pellets that makes a lovely pine scent, there is also an odor from the wax substance.

Q. Can I cook with this product?

A. Yes, as with any fire you can cook with the flame.

Q. If my fire is going out can I add more to it?

A. Yes, you can add more to any fire just as long as you don't smother the flame.

Please Note: This item can not be shipped to Canada.

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Insta Fire

I\'ve used this several times now testing it from calm to very windy conditions and it performs well. I like this over other items that have a limited shelf life because of the chemicals that break down over time and no longer ignite the item WetFire. This has nothing that I can see that will break down. This means this product should perform well now or 10 years from now. Great item for being prepared or taking camping, either way.
Review by Mark Welcker  (Posted on 8/12/2010)


For anyone who read the FAQs, I just want to give a heads up; They list using it for a cooking fire. You should use it to make the fire, but cook with something else, like a hard wood. They list that it is made with pine tinder. Pine wood contains pine tar pitch, a toxin. Good campers know not to cook from a fire fueled by pine.
Review by John  (Posted on 7/9/2009)