MRE-Star MRE - Entree - BBQ Chicken, Black Bean and Potatoes

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These MRE entrees come from International Meals Supply. They are another of the major suppliers of MRE's to the US and international governments.

These are real military/civilian MRE Entree. These are not knock-offs that some other companies put together with standard food products that do not have long shelf lives. Some companies will put together their own "MRE" with inferior components and sell them for less, but they aren't real MRE's. All our MRE's are the real deal.These single entree's are the same entree's that are in the meals ready to eat that everyone loves.

MRE meals utilize fully automated equipment for cooking, mixing, filling, sealing and the retort of food pouches, which guarantee the best quality control. With three decades of experience, we have the expertise to develop virtually any recipe, from any ethnicity. Additionally, our strict adherence to USDA regulations in the formulation process enables us to expedite the approval process of each of our recipes ¬Ěresulting in faster approval by the USDA/FSIS.

We pledge to use only top quality ingredients in each ready to eat meal, which guarantees that our products will always have the very best quality and flavor. Most importantly, we will always remain keenly conscious that our meals ready to eat are going to be consumed by individuals like us. Whether they are away from home, enjoying an outdoor adventure, or are unfortunately in the midst of an emergency, we are committed to providing them with the best meals possible.

MRE meals are easy to store, easy to open, and nothing needs to be added. Each pack is a complete 1,100 to 1,300 calorie meal that can be used for convenience situations such as camping, hiking, hunting, cycling or the beach. They are also the solution of choice for emergency situations such as hurricanes, and other disasters.

International Meals Supply is an American Company which boasts more than 30 years of experience in the food industry. Our staff is highly recognized in the retort food industry and is extremely knowledgeable in the area of food shelf life. All of our MREs (meals ready to eat) are manufactured in the United States of America and our plants are USDA/FSIS, as well as FDA approved(FDA #33816). We manufactured our meals under strict quality control using HACCP regulations which ensures quality control that meet the highest standards in the food industry.


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Sickeningly sweet

I tend to prefer savory BBQ sauces to sweet ones, so I knew just from reading the ingredients that I probably wouldn't enjoy this entree very much. But nothing could have prepared me for just how bad this was. It was cloyingly sweet, and no wonder - the first ingredient is high fructose corn syrup (HFC)! HFC is sweeter than sucrose (cane/beet sugar), and they used a ton! This meal was damn near inedible. I would rate it 1 out of 10.
Review by Conor  (Posted on 4/9/2016)