Jungle Living Skills: Volume 7

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Survival DVD Volume 7 of the Woodsmaster library takes you into the jungle!

During 1998-99 Ron and Karen Hood spent nearly two months in the Peruvian Amazon, living with the Candoshi - Shapra Indians. These Indians, noted for their head-shrinking techniques and prowess with blowguns, are also the masters of jungle living skills.

Once you’ve seen this astonishing DVD you’ll have a grasp of the amazing variety of skills required to live off the land.

You’ll see how to make a blowgun, brew jungle beer and make bowls and lamps. Learn how to clean and cook monkey, turtle, Toucan and giant grubs. You’ll learn about jungle plants and their uses as well as witness the work of a Shapra Shaman. See as we gather plants for use as a fish poison and then work it in a stream. Drink mud? Yep, they do... Why? Because it is refreshing (like spit beer)!

Watch them as they hunt game and navigate in the dense jungle. See how they make string and fabric. This DVD is so full of material.... you’ll have to watch it to believe it.

With Karen and Ron Hood as your guides, you'll SEE what it takes to live in the jungle.

If Discovery had balls.... this would be what they show!

If you think you'll never need the skills in this DVD... you're wrong. The skills we captured were chosen for their cross cultural and trans-environmental value. Furthermore it is important for ANY student of survival or wilderness living to understand how much work is required to stay alive even in the most productive of environments... the jungle.

Caution... This DVD contains graphic scenes!

Apu Basha is the headman of the Shapra-Candoshi Indian village we visited. He and his people live as hunter-gatherers at the headwaters of the Amazon. Basha's people had not seen outsiders for several decades. He and a few of his hunters occasionally trade down river for essential supplies like shotgun shells, medicine and salt. Here Basha is holding his traditional blowgun. I've got a jungle land turtle hanging from my shoulder. Soon it was a nice meal.

Oddly, when we arrived, the Indians dropped their traditional clothes in favor of their "Sunday-go-to-meetin" clothes ... civvies. I asked Basha about this and he said that his people wanted to make us feel comfortable. So they wore slacks, Levi's and Adidas shirts. After a few weeks they started to relax, and returned to their native garb.

After welcoming us, APU (Chief) Basha presented me with his Corona, his symbol of power. The hair hanging from the ends of the tassels traditionally represents the men he has killed. In this case - four.

See the entire Blowgun making process from two slabs of wood to the finished product! Learn how they bore the channel for the dart, align the halves and smooth the bore.

Strange animals! Is Karen REALLY going to eat that Sloth? Naw... but you'll see where the word "slothful" gets it's meaning!, You'll also get a chance to see how to make a simple jungle snare.... easy!

Monkey munching! While I'm not usually into eating relatives, this particular one (The one with the tail) is pretty tasty. Ron is surprised by his resemblance to his meal! Our Night vision camera made it possible to capture everything... even the stuff done in darkness!Learn how to clean and cook a monkey. Learn how to prepare it for long term storage and more.

Here Karen helps to prepare Masato "Beer". Karen said that mashing the Yucca to make the beer was very hard work. Thank God! After drinking a few gallons of the Masato I've decided that I like my beer from bottles. Just want to save Karen the work.... Amazing what women will go through to please their men!

(HINT.. Don't eat before you watch this sequence!)

The Indians use an old oar from a dugout canoe as a yucca masher. They were delighted that Karen would give it a try. "Wapari, Wapari" they said "Thank you, thank you!"

The traditional "spit beer" is consumed by the men. The woman here is hocking a loogie into the beer to improve the taste! Man! that looks like good spit!

Amazing what guys will go through to please their women ;> )

See the entire process!

Making Pottery!, So the Guys down their Masato every night... What do they drink from? Karen shows you every step from making the clay to forming the bowl to decorating, firing and finishing. Learn how they make pottery from clay, without the aid of a spinning table or a firing oven. It all has to do with wood ash and crafts skills. An amazing sequence which will have you wanting to make your own bowls.. maybe. Bowls being fired in an open fire. You see how they set up the fire to make this process work.

The people; The village kids were both curious and fearful at first. They soon warmed to us strangers. Sadly, many of the children suffer from parasitic infections and forms of malnutrition common to the jungle diet. You'll see some of the effects of disease, and the causes for it, in the DVD.

Bug eating? Natch! Food was always an adventure. These Tsuri grubs are found in Palm trees and stumps. They are filled with fat and, when cooked with jungle cilantro and garlic, are absolutely delicious. Raw, they squirted and squirmed too much for pleasant eating. They also bite back if you aren't careful! These became Karen's favorites!

Blades and tricks! The villagers were enthralled with my Busse Battle Mistress blade. Everyone wanted to borrow the knife to cut everything from turtle to gator, Toucan to grubs. They were amazed that we had a steel that didn't seem to dull. (It did, but it took an entire village the whole week to do it!) Even more exciting was the new "Anaconda" by TOPS and the smaller Simonich "Kanji" blades.

There is over an hour and thirty five minutes of information in this amazing and informative DVD...

We think you'll enjoy every moment of it.

Believe it or not, I was so impressed with this series of videos that it was one of the reasons I started CampingSurvival.com. Being a former Marine and outdoors enthusiast, I greatly appreciate the excellent job Ron and Karen Hood do of sharing their vast knowledge of camping and survival skills. However, despite all that they teach in every video, I still find them to be very entertaining as well. These videos are so enjoyable that they make me long for Spring even before winter has started! Buy one and I guarantee you'll want to buy them all!

- Tom Sciacca President JHL Supply/CampingSurvival.com

Ron and Karen Hood, the folks that make these high quality wilderness and urban survival videos really take their business seriously and do a lot more than make videos and play in the dirt. They also have a great forum dedicated to the same things. You can get tons of information about survival and preparedness here. Check it out if you're serious about getting into survival and preparedness. Click here to see our whole line of wilderness and urban survival skills videos. 

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