Kaito KA500 Voyager Radio

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A perfect radio for emergencies and disasters, it comes with all the features that you need in any emergency situation. It comes with a High quality AC type brushless generator. The solar panel powers the radio by itself and charges the built-in batteries as well. To maximize the sunlight’s rays, the solar panel is designed to tilt with the suns position to receive the energy during the day time. On the bottom side of the solar panel is a 5 LED reading lamp that you can use in poorly lit conditions. The radio is built with a multi-function LED flashlight. The super bright LED on the side can be used as a flashlight or can be a red flashing emergency signal.

Note: Add an AC Adapter for only $4 more! Just select AC Adapter above before checking out.

The radio is designed to charge many small electronic items. It is built with a USB jack that can connect to many standard USB enabled gadgets like your iPod or cellphone.

The 7 Band Weather radio precisely gives you weather bands. The weather alert feature enables you to receive the alert signal when a disaster arrives.

This radio is world wide registered for a Design Patent, The register number is ZL 200730174985.0


6 Ways of Power:

1. Dynamo Cranking Power: 120 turns per minute of cranking will power the built in Ni-MH battery pack with strong current and voltage.

2. Solar Panel Power: Under the direct sunlight, the solar panel will power the radio without a problem.

3. AA Batteries: You can use 3 normal AA batteries to run the radio for maximum reception.

4. A built-in Rechargeable battery pack.

5. AC adaptor charge from the 3.5 mm jack. (Optional)

6. Charge from a computer via USB port.


1. 5 LED reading lamp for camping and emergency use.

2. White LED flashlight

3. Red LED blinking for emergency alert.

Radio Reception:

1. AM: 520-1717 KHz

2. FM: 88.00- 108.00 MHz

3. SW1: 3.20-9.00KHz

4. SW2: 9.00- 22.00KHz

Weather Band: 7 standard bands for all stations, PLL crystal control circuit for stable reception

5. Weather Alert: To be activated by weather alert signals.


1. USB Cord

2. Earphone

AC adaptor is an option, you can order online from us.

To power the radio with sunlight, the solar panel is deigned to tilt at any angle to receive the best sunlight.

This radio is available in many colors, Green, Black, Red, Yellow, Camo and Blue.

To make your new Kaito Radio fully operational please follow the following simple steps:

1.) Open the battery compartment on the back of the radio.

2.) On the bottom left of the compartment you will see the rechargeable battery pack (in green) and a small wire with a white tip coming out of the battery.

3.) Take the white tip and simply plug it into the small hole to the left of the battery pack.

4.) Close the battery compartment and then turn the crank handle for 1 minute to power up the radio. This is left unplugged to preserve the freshness of the rechargeable battery pack.


Our friends at ice4safety.com recently wrote a review on their blog for this item:

Radios - you'll likely need one WTSHTF.

Some are worthless in an emergency and often lack the sensitivity to receive channels or only get AM/FM. Some are simply junk giveaway items or have fragile parts that break - ok, actually most of these are plastic and fragile unless you are buying a multipurpose VHF/UHF/MURS professional transceiver.

We don't want to sound elitist here so use whatever you can afford. If you can afford a radio for around $50 then here is one that has considerable utility and may prove a lifesaver. People seem to be able to buy $500 phones and $100 sneaks - so pop for one of these type of radios.

This Kaito also sounds good when played for everyday use so if convenient, keep one handy wherever you are. They come in different colors so each family member, vehicle, evac car kit or work location can have a different color if you wanted to differentiate them that way. [Read More ...]

Don't forget the batteries! Need batteries for this item or for your everyday needs? Click here to see our wide variety of low-priced batteries! 

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Customer Reviews —  7item(s)

good radio

this is the second one that i bought, the first one lasted over two years the the speaker quite working bought another one spent the extra money on the ac adapter , dont waste the money on adapter in does not fit radio, love the radio
Review by Bo  (Posted on 9/29/2016)

Nice radio :)

I ordered my radio Saturday April 24th.. I received it today April 29th.. I thought that was extremely cool. I opened the box . Everything was in there. I connected the batter to the hook up thing and it played. I found my local Weather station.. Despite some of the reviews nothing about it feels cheap and the tune dial works great.
Review by Don  (Posted on 4/29/2015)

Too fragile for it's intended use.

Great features but this radio is WAY TOO FRAGILE! I dropped it from my hand hanging at my side about from the chair I was seated in. 18" drop to a soft, carpeted floor caused the following damage: (1) Clear lens covering the tuner popped completely off, (2) the black power selector switch broke completely off when the chassis apparently sprang partially opened and that shock busted the knob, (3) the batter compartment case sprang completely open and all 3 batteries were lying on the carpet, (4) one end of the strap handle was now dangling free because the pin on one end came out when the case SEPARATED at the point of contact. I have never, ever, in my 64 years EVER seen a small portable radio have this much resultant damage from such a gentle drop to the floor!!! Heck, I used to have small pocket transistors that I dropped to the concrete sidewalk all the time when I was a kid in the 1960's. And I've had other short wave and marine wave radios on camping trips that never had all these complications from an 18 inch drop down to carpeting! I cannot recommend anyone buying this radio for emergency use. What if YOU dropped it 18" to a carpeted floor during a major emergency? Would you be stuck without a radio when you needed it the most? It's your call.....
Review by Rocky Snow  (Posted on 4/9/2015)

Aftermath of Sandy

After hurricane Sandy I purchased a few crank items and this was the first of them. It works great! My only concern is that when you connect the white tab to the rechargeable batteries it is difficult to un clip. I didn\'t want to break the piece so I left it. Hopefully it didn\'t drain the batteries. The sound was nice and clear and al the other options are a major plus.
Review by Craig K  (Posted on 9/3/2014)

Retraction of FAIL.

Retraction of FAIL regarding the Voyager Radio. It works fine. It was a case of user error on my part. There was a hidden switch that I was not aware of. Once flipped it works fine. Lesson learned is that you should always know your tools and equipment inside and out. No excuses. I will not let that mistake happen again. My apologies to the Voyager company and I respect your products.
Review by JIC Prep  (Posted on 6/20/2013)


Durring the storm and when the lightsgooutmyfamily looks tome as the prepared one ofthehome. Only owned one year, stored it high and dry and when the lights went out it was my go to prep. Needless today this product failed me and failed in my time of need. Disappointed is an understatement.
Review by JIC Prep  (Posted on 6/18/2013)

...I was hopeful

I bought this radio a little over 1 year ago, and I loved it. Everything worked really well, I would use this radio when I was doing yard work or working in the garage. I used the battery function and the rechargeable functions. It all worked well until about 2 months ago when the speaker became less and less audible. Finally, it stopped working. The only way I can hear any radio sound is by holding and squeezing the speaker itself. I was super hopeful for this radio, but it failed me. My new alternative as I had a different Kaito radio that also broke when I accidentally dropped it is to buy a $10 Sony handheld radio and a TON of batteries... just in case.
Review by Ryan  (Posted on 10/30/2012)