Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel Scout 2.0, 2 in 1

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The ultimate way to light a fire in any weather.

Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, our legendary Swedish FireSteel® is the original magnesium fire starter. Our second generation Swedish FireSteel 2.0® comes with an improved striker that makes it even easier to  build a fire in any weather and at any altitude. It has a new design, a flexible cord and a built-in emergency whistle.

The Light My Fire FireSteel® Scout Fire Starter tool is a handy, reliable way to light your campfire, gas stove or home barbecue.

Stainless Steel Striker , Durable - Lasts For 3 000 Strikes , Originally Developed By The Swedish Defense Department And Approved By International Survival Instructors Association , Works Equally Well When Wet , Produces A 5 400 Degree F (3 000 Degree C) Spark , Bright Spark - Can Be Used As An Emergency Signal , Used By: Survival Experts Hunters Fishermen & Campers

  • Brand: Light My Fire
  • Material: Steel, Stainless Steel


  • Stainless-steel striker features an ergonomic grip for easy striking; striker provides 3,000 strikes
  • Pulling the stainless-steel striker down the rod emits 5,400°F sparks that can ignite a stove, paper, dry grass or bark
  • Rod also features an ergonomic grip to improve performance
  • Tool works just as well when wet for use in any weather and at any altitude
  • Built-in emergency whistle lets you signal for help
  • Light My Fire FireSteel Scout 2.0 Fire Starter includes striker, rod, lanyard