Year Food Supplies

There are no products matching the selection. researched exactly what you’ll need for a three month emergency food supply and created this all-in-one package, including main dishes like beef stroganoff and chicken pasta italiana to desserts like apple turnovers and even ice cream. This is no ordinary emergency food supply kit in a box, but carefully selected meals that offer flavor, variety and nutrition. We even included spices and condiments to round things out.

If there’s more than one person in your household or you want to be certain that you have enough food to hunker down for as long as six months, take a look at our six month emergency food supplies kit. It’s got everything the three month emergency supply kit has, but twice as much – and this is good food that provides balance, variety and tastes great. We even included the bacon and eggs for breakfast!

Whether you are looking out for your family or you want to be prepared for any situation that could happen, we've made a kit that provides up to a year’s worth of meals and includes great tasting dinners such as seafood chowder, chicken parmesan, beef chili, sweet & sour pork, vegetable lasagna and much, much more. There’s even French toast and desserts such as Neapolitan ice cream to make even a disaster situation a bit more civilized. This is also great emergency food supplies kit to purchase as a gift for a family member who isn't yet on-board with disaster preparedness or doesn't know where to begin.