Max Burton Emergency Alert Radio & Flashlight

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This high quality radio helps you stay informed during severe weather emergencies or any other emergency broad cast on the NOAA Weather Band. In addition, the powerful 3-LED flashlight brings light when the power goes out. Self-powered so it will always work when needed, but also has options for other methods of charging. Features: AM/FM radio, NOAA all hazards alert, multi-charge (solar, dynamo, USB, 120V AC & 12V DC, and AAA batteries (not included)), rechargeable lithium ion battery, LCD display, clock, cell phone charger, earphone jack, antenna, and built-in carabineer clip.


  • NOAA Weather Band
  • LED Flash Light
  • Self-Powered 
  • AM/FM Radio
  • USB, 120V AC & 12V DC, and AAA(not included)
  • Rechargable lithium Ion Battery
  • cell phone charger
  • earphone jack
  • LCD display
  • Clock
  • antenna
  • Built in carbineer clip