McNETT Tenacious Patch Anything Kit

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Instantly take care of rips, holes and gashes in your outdoor gear with Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Patches,designed to patch any tear or hole in any material or fabric, made to last.

These patches are an ideal alternative to sticky and messy duct tape because they are so easy to use. Furthermore, since the repair patches come in both black and clear, the repairs are practically invisible. Because the patches are specifically designed for camping gear, vinyl rafts, sleeping bags, jackets and other outdoor equipment, they are virtually weatherproof and waterproof.

Each package includes two black and two clear nylon patches.

This Kit includes:

  • 2 clear and 2 black Patches
  • 3" round pressure sensitive
  •  repair tears and holes in all fabrics and materials
  • Super adhesive
  • "tenacious" backing will stick to most surfaces (for a variety of different repairs)