Mylar Emergency Survival/Blanket

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Emergency Mylar Space Blanket. Designed to reflect 90% Of Body HeatGreat To Have Where Ever You Go. They are windproof, waterproof and lightweight.

Dimentions: 51.18" X 82.68" (130cm X 210cm)

Here are some uses for mylar blaknets:

Emergencies, first aid, and survival kits - The blankets are used to prevent and counter hypothermia. Heres how it works:

  • The airtight foil reduces convection
  • Heat loss caused by evaporation of perspiration, moisture or blood is minimized by the same mechanism
  • To a limited extent the reflective surface inhibits losses caused by thermal radiation.

It can also be usesful in a hot environment by using them to provide shade.

These blankets are used to reduce heat loss from a person's body.

They can be used for other applications for which this material is useful, such as insulating containers—e.g. for DIY solar projects—and other applications.

Space blankets are used as insulation material for many do-it-yourself outdoor feral cat shelters. Pieces of the blanket are cut and placed on each side and bottom of the shelters, (typically a cardboard box, rubbermaid storage container or styrofoam cooler) and taped into place with duct, gorilla or freezer tape. Or for a more permanent fix, carpenter glue. This material helps keep the cat warm in severe winter locations.

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