Soldier Fuel Energy Bars - Real Peanut Butter

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Designed to fuel the world's most elite warrior-athletes, SOLDIER FUEL ™ energy bars "Pack a wallop of balanced nutrition and taste good too" (Popular Science magazine). The SOLDIER FUEL ™ bar beat Balance Bar, Snickers Marathon, and PowerBar Triple Threat in a taste test conducted by the Washington Post. And the NY Daily News health editor credits SOLDIER FUEL ™ with making him 20% faster on his daily runs. Engineered to provide SteadyEnergy with no spike and no crash, SOLDIER FUEL ™ is featured in the official U.S. Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide. And now it's available to you. **Sold as separate bars**

  • Developed for the U.S. Military for use by soldiers
  • Contain no trans fat or high-fructose corn syrup
  • An ideal balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat
  • 17 vitamins and minerals with a 3-year shelf life