NightStar II Induction Flashlights

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About Nightstar II:

The water-proof, shock-resistant, general-purpose LED flashlight with a difference.NightStar II utilizes the Faraday principle of induction to eliminate batteries forever. Just shake the flashlight for 30 seconds, get up to 20 minutes of usable white light.

The single cool white LED and special lens provide a smooth, well-focused beam. A highly- effective glow-in-the-dark slide switch makes the flashlight easy to locate. The rugged polycarbonate case is fully waterproof, and very resistant to chemicals.

NightStar II is not like inexpensive imitators you may see on TV, but the champagne of induction flashlights. Itspowerful performance, outstanding features, and rugged durability, prove that most of those other shake-up flashlights are just dim.

NightStar flashlights are perfect for overseas social services and disaster relief personnel, because they will operate reliably for years, in the most hostile weather and environments, without batteries, in locations that have no infrastructure whatsoever.

Note that the flashlight is simply marked NightStar ®, without the II designator.


When you first receive the new NightStar flashlight, please shake the unit for aboutthree minutes, to fully initialize the virgin charge storage capacitor.  Thereafter, you will only need to shake it for about thirty seconds to get plenty of bright usable light. This longer initial interval may also be needed if the flashlight remains unused over very long periods of time.  A strong magnet, or another NightStar flashlight in close proximity, may turn on the switch for NightStar models that have a magnetic switch.

Features And Specs:

  •  Lasts for years
  • one moving part
  • no breakable gears or levers
  • Bright StarCore™ LED delivers up to 720 foot-candles of light
  • Uniformly illuminates 12 foot diameter area at 50 foot distance
  • Shake 30 seconds for 5 mins bright light
  • 20 mins usable light
  • Dramatically brighter and longer-running than original NightStar
  • Customized front lens focuses the beam and protects the LED
  • Patented optical elements include the special conical reflector
  • External slide actuates a reliable sealed magnetic reed switch
  • Luminescent slide switch will glow in the dark for several hours
  • Case is resistant to salt water, acids & alkalis, petrochemicals
  • Premium-quality 1.5 Farad gold film storage capacitor
  • does not degrade over time like rechargeable batteries
  • Powerful rare earth charge magnet and precision induction coil
  • Two repulsion magnets make shaking smooth and low-impact
  • Flashlight is 10.0" long
  • weighs 11.0 ounces (308 grams)
  • Operates perfectly in extreme temperatures (-40°F to +130°F).
  • Floats in water with LED in upright position for easier retrieval
  • Tested waterproof to ocean depth of more than 2200 feet
  • Typical LED operating life is tens of thousands of hours
  • Capacitor life is hundreds of thousands of charge cycles


 Warning: should not be used in close proximity to persons wearing a cardiac pacemaker.
Please keep it safely away from your credit cards, video tapes and audio cassettes.