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 Our eggs aren't regular old powdered eggs, they taste just like fresh eggs! No one believes us at first, so read some of our reviews and see for yourself.

OvaEasy ® powdered eggs are great for camping and survival food storage. Available in a wide range of package sizes from foil pouches equivalent to 12 eggs to long-term food storage cans with 72 eggs.

OvaEasy powdered eggs are our simple and delicious whole egg that you can season any way you want. Just mix in the right amount of water, whisk and cook like you would normally cook scrambled eggs or omelettes!

  • What is the shelf-life once opened?
    • We recommend consuming it within one year of opening, as long as you keep it dry. Too much moisture can make the powder wet and ruin it quicker than that, so be sure to keep it dry.
  • Where do the eggs come from?
    • We source the eggs from farms that feed the hens vegetarian-diets and are free of antibiotics and hormones
  • Is the product Kosher?
    • Yes

About Nutriom company:

They've been working a on new food dehydration technology since 2001. They've invented a way of drying eggs so that they keep all of their fresh flavor and functionality. Their egg crystals are the only dehydrated egg that actually tastes just like fresh eggs. And since they focus on the fundamental processing technology itself, they don't need to add chemicals, preservatives or any other additives to their products. The eggs we produce are pure and 100% natural!

They're a small, family-owned company focused on developing food technologies. They believe we need to make better use of our resources as a society. One way to do that is to make their food last longer without compromising its taste or purity. That's what they work on.

OvaEasy® Egg Crystals in #10 Cans last for 7 years! *From time of production*

Note: Once bag is opened, no water has been added and the powder is in a sealed container the eggs will stay fresh for 6 months.

Most powdered eggs claim 5 - 10 years shelf-life, but is this really true? Not according to the American Egg Board:

"Plain whole egg solids [powdered egg] have a shelf life of about one month at room temperature and about a year at refrigerated temperatures." www.aeb.org

Ova Easy Egg Crystals have been specially processed using our unique technology to achieve long shelf-life. And since we're a military supplier, we use the US Army Labs shelf-life tests based on the most advanced academic research.

We've also used the same tests on regular powdered eggs and the results show significant degradation and browning after just 1.5 years of accelerated testing.

A lab analysis shows high levels of the molecules furasone, pyranose and pentosine. These molecules are by-products of 'browning' reactions (Maillard reactions) and other chemical reactions. These reactions severely degrade the nutritional value of the proteins in the egg powder.

A lot of academic research has been done on these browning reactions and they all show serious problems in nutrition and digestibility.

Not Convinced OvaEasy Eggs are good?

Read this review for the OvaEasy Eggs.

"The Maillard, or nonenzymatic browning reaction between reducing sugars and proteins is known to cause serious deterioration of the nutritional quality of foods during processing and storage." Physiological, Toxicological, and Nutritional Aspects of Various Maillard Browned Proteins

"... browning reactions of amino acids and proteins with carbohydrates, oxidized lipids, and oxidized phenols cause deterioration of food during storage and processing. The loss in nutritional quality and potentially in safety is attributed to destruction of essential amino acids, decrease in digestibility, inhibition of proteolytic and glycolytic enzymes, interaction with metal ions, and formation of antinutritional and toxic compounds." Food Browning and Its Prevention: An Overview

Our OvaEasy Egg Crystals last 7 years and we have the test results to prove it. Powdered eggs last 1 to 1.5 years at best before serious degradation and browning occurs.

This is part of the reason why the US Army and Navy no longer use old powdered eggs. Our soldiers deserve better...and so does your family.

So what's the difference between OvaEasy Egg Crystals and old powdered eggs?

Old powdered eggs (dehydrated eggs) are made with an old technology and taste bad! They're dried at such high temperatures that the taste of fresh eggs is ruined. Too much heat cooks the eggs during the drying process ... so when you go to cook them later, they end up being cooked twice! How can an egg that's cooked twice taste good?

OvaEasy Egg Crystals are made with a revolutionary new technology that keeps the flavor and nutrition of fresh eggs intact. All we do is gently evaporate the water in the eggs... that's it. Egg crystals aren't cooked until you cook them! They're dried with a special low temperature process that protects the proteins, vitamins and minerals... and most importantly the flavor! Best of all, they're 100% all-natural, pure whole egg.

Long-term food storage, camping and emergency food

What is OvaEasy good for? OvaEasy is ideal for long-term food storage, hiking and camping. It's shelf-stable for years with no refrigeration, takes up very little room and tastes just like fresh eggs!

OvaEasy comes in many different packaging configurations to suit your needs. It's canned in #10 cans for emergency food storage (7 year shelf-life) or packaged in individual pouches for camping (30 month shelf-life). We also have larger pouch sizes available for long term food storage without the cans or just to always have wholesome eggs on hand no matter the situation.

All-natural Egg Crystals

Have you ever heard of sun-dried tomatoes? We decided to take a hint from Mother Nature and copy her at her best. We've discovered a way to use the same principles that go into making sun-dried fruits and apply it to one of Mother Nature's most amazing foods...egg!

We start with wholesome fresh eggs and gently evaporate the water, leaving only little crystals of pure egg. That's why we call them egg crystals!

Other powdered eggs

Other dehydrated and powdered eggs are dried at very high temperatures. High temperature cooks the eggs during the drying process which is why they lose their fresh taste.

Our unique technology

Our process is special because it works at low-temperature and doesn't damage the flavor or functionality of the eggs. That way, when you go to cook our egg crystals later, they taste just like fresh eggs! All you need to do is add the water we evaporated back in and you're ready to go.

What about freeze-dried eggs?

Freeze-drying also dries with heat but starts with frozen egg instead. Freezing damages an egg's protein which also causes problems with flavor and functionality. That's why we only use fresh eggs, not frozen!

What foods are best for Survival Food storage?

To round out your survival food pantry, we recommend a wide variety of foods from canned foods to freeze dried and dehydrated foods packaged in sealed containers with oxygen absorbers. These storable long shelf life foods last for 25 years or more if stored well. Keep these foods out of temperature extremes and direct sunlight. A dry basement, the bottom of a closet, under a bed and so on are perfect places to store your survival food. Freeze dried foods keep their original size, whereas, dehydrated foods will shrink in size, but both are great for emergency food storage. Prepackaged items in #10 cans with an oxygen absorber last from 10 to 30 years. Freeze dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables are great foods for your survival food pantry as well. They are delicious snacks right out of the cans or easily added to a variety of recipes calling for fruits and vegetables, which means they are easy to rotate through. Once they are opened, they are exposed to oxygen, so they’ll need to be used within about a year or so.


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Today I tried Ova easy eggs breakfast skillet. I raise chickens and eat farm fresh eggs regularly so I was skeptical . I was very pleasantly suprised they were perfectly seasoned and needed no other seasoning, also if no one told me I would not have known the eggs were from a package. They were delicious and I would heartily recommend on flavor alone...
Review by David  (Posted on 8/27/2014)