Paracord Shoelaces / Boot laces


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Get rid of those cheap boot laces that you are currently using and replace them with genuine US made 550 cord - paracord. These laces are one of a kind, paracord cut to bootlace length and finished with tips. Great way to ensure you always have some life-saving paracord with you.

We've been replacing our own laces for years with paracord and with some boots and shoes, it's hard to get the melted ends through the eyelets. Now we have real, factory made paracord shoelaces. And they're cheaper than shoelaces at your local store.

Paracord made by an approved vendor of the United States Department of Defense, passing all of the government's quality control, first-article inspection requirements. This supplier has earned its reputation of quality cordage among Yankee clipper ship sailors who insisted on the most dependable and durable cordage as they sailed to all parts of the world. During World War II, the U.S. and Allied government called upon the supplier's expertise for the manufacture of parachute cords, tow lines, bomb lanyards, shroud lines, survival kit items, and cordage for many other special needs.