Personal, Portable Propane and Natural Gas Detector

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We just picked up a new product that you might be interested in. It is a pen size gas detector that will fit in your shirt pocket.

This is a breakthrough for anybody working or living with gas. For the first time an affordable hand held personal gas detector is now available. Using the latest sensor technology the unit also boasts the added feature of detecting and absorbing static. The yellow neon will illuminate if pipework contains a static charge when it comes in direct contact with the static aerial situated on the back of the unit.

So simple to use. Remove the protective sensor cap, turn the unit on with the power switch, the buzzer will sound and the red LED will illuminate. Once this has stopped and the green LED lights, the unit is ready to detect gas. Move the sensor to the area to be tested for gas, an alarm will sound when the unit detects gas.

Portable gas detector DB2000G Function: Detecting the gas leakage and absorbing the static electricity Power Consumption: DC 200mA Battery size: 1.5V x 2 ea (AAA Size) Detectable Gas: LNG, LPG (including methane gas, isobutane gas) Temperature: -10°C~ 50°C Humidity: 95% RH or lower Duration of Use: About 3~4 hours continuously Weight: 28g Dimension: 164mm, ø16.5mm

  • Indicating propane and natural gas
  • Simple to operate
  • Audible and visual alerts
  • 2AA Batteries Included


  • Gas central heating engineers for identifying gas leaks
  • Kitchen fitters for all gas appliances
  • Air conditioning engineers
  • LPG auto conversions
  • Suppliers of bottled gas


  • Caravan & boat gas bottles always being changed, stay safe
  • Gas powered vehicles
  • Air conditioning installations
  • At home for peace of mind

This product is a gas sensor with low consumption and high sensitivity. It ca be used in a house, plant or any place with combustible gases. Once the concentration of LPG, or natural gas reaches the preset alarm level, the gas indicator will give a visual and audio alarm to remind you to take effective action to get rid of the danger to avoid fire, explosion or any accidents in advance.


Red LED Flash: Low Alarm
Red LED: High Alarm
Yellow LED: Sensor Fault
Green LED: Power On
Orange LED: Low Power

Operating Instructions

1.) Open the back cover and insert the AA batteries according to the polarity.
2.) Move switch up to turn on, the power LED will be on, green LED indicates a normal voltage or the orange LED indicates a low voltage. The power LED will always be on white indicating any gas leakage.
3.) After turning on the unit, it will take 10 seconds for the unit to warm up, then it will be ready to indicate any gas leakage. While indicating, if the red LED flashes along with the buzzer sound intermittently, this indicates a gas leakage at a low level. If the red LED remains lit with a continuious buzzing sound, this indicates a as leak at a high level and effective actions should be taken in both cases to get rid of danger.
4.) When the yellow fault LED light is on, this indicates the gas sensor has a fault within itself.

Faults and Settlements

Fault: No responses to detected gas
Reason: Yellow LED on, indicating sensor fault
Settlement: Change the gas sensor
Reason: Fault LED not on indicating circuit problem
Settlement: Contact factory
Fault: Power LED turns orange
Reason: Low voltage
Settlement: Change the batteries
Reason: Possibly caused by damaged circuit
Settlement: Contact factory


1.) It's possible the indicator can give an alarm if there is smoke, alcohol or perfume, etc. in the room
2.) Don't calibrate the indicator with unknown concentration gases.
3.) Don't use or store products in place with caustic gas, such as chlorine.
4.) Please take the batteries out if you will not be using the unit for a long period of time.
5.) Do avoid excessive shock and force on the sensor part.


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gas tetector

i like that it\'s portable and pocket size. i received this broken in the package. I went to install the batteries and it fell apart. The on /off switch was pushed in and did\'nt work. I\'m trying to send it back, but nobody has contacted me. I would like to reorder this to see if it works. I guess you get what you pay for.
Review by JOHN  (Posted on 1/31/2013)