P-Mate Female Urinating Device

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The P-Mate is a portable urinating device that allows women to urinate standing up whenever and wherever they want to. Women no longer have to lose their dignity or risk unhygienic and unpleasant public restrooms, or no facilities at all! Five in a pack. Ideal in many situations, the P-Mate is great for... Military women
Portable toilets
River rafters
Fisher women
Horseback riders
Bike riders
Snowmobile riders
Landscape architects

Motorcycle riders
Truck drivers
Forest workers
Private detectives
Road trips
Outward Bounders
Large outdoor music festival goers
Postal workers
Transgender persons
Kids Once you have used it, you can't do without it. The P-Mate gives you more freedom, along with safety, hygiene and dignity. It was developed through the experiences of thousands of women who have tested the P-Mate at many events, both internationally and locally. The only real and original urinating device that allows women to urinate standing up, in a comfortable, easy, discreet, but most of all hygienic way, without undressing. The P-Mate is the ideal solution for women, where a (clean) toilet is missing. Convenient for travelling, during a long car or bus drive, a bike ride, hiking and camping, when you wearing a motorcycle suit or ski outfit, during all sporting activities, events and festivals. But also for submitting a urine sample at the doctor?s office or hospital, or when bending or sitting down (temporarily) is difficult. The P-Mate is made of specially impregnated and fully recyclable materials with a moisture repellent coating. The anatomical design is developed based on the experiences of many women who use the P-Mate. Perhaps you need to get used to, but then you?re hooked. How to Use 1. Simply pop open the P-Mate, move your underwear aside, and place the cupped opening against your body under the flow area between your legs. 2. Tilt hips so funnel faces slightly downwards. Relax and pee! You can remove any drops left behind by slowly moving the P-mate to the front, and catching them with the back of the P-mate. 3. Dispose of in garbage or even better, recycle. Do not flush. The P-mate has a fold line down the middle, which allows it to fit into an average pocket. We suggest putting it into a zip lock bag for easy transport and disposal. THEY CAN ALSO BE BURNED IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT. Can I flush the P-Mate? Yes, in principle you may do so, because the P-Mate is biodegradable. But it will take some time to resolve and therefore can cause cloaking. After use please throw it in a bin at your nearest convenience. Usually there is one in the toilet you?re using. Can I use the P-Mate with my trousers on? Obviously a skirt is more practicle. But, also with a trouser you?re not in trouble. Check MANUAL for all details! Is it necessary to use toilet paper after I used the P-Mate? It depends. This is up to you and / or the circumstances you?re in. You can slide the P-Mate gently to the front, thus ?scraping off? the last drops (just like a guy!). In the near future we will start with a pouch with one P-Mate and a hygienic towel. Do you deliver a re-usable P-Mate? No, we do not. Research told us that there is no demand for this, because the P-Mate is used on locations where there is no available water for cleaning, but more important, it is not HYGIENIC!!! Also, most women have second thoughts about cleaning the P-Mate in public. Medical / Urine Sampling The P-mate offers a unique solution to woman who have difficulty sitting or squatting due to pregnancy or other medical conditions. Ideal for hospitals, physicians? offices or the lab as well, the P-Mate? is sure to improve patient-health professional relations. As any health practitioner or patient who has needed to provide urine samples can relate to, the process of peeing into a small cup is messy and can be embarrassing. It can become even more challenging when some samples are required from mid stream. History During a trip through Indonesia in 1998, Moon Zijp, designer of the P-Mate, was confronted with the fact that she had to cope with difficulties every time she needed to pee. On the Academy of Arts (Kunstacademie) in Amsterdam, she developed the first P-Mate (than called the Plastuit). With this P-Mate she could pee standing up. She performed this on several occasions. These performances brought a lot of laughter and even more attention to the P-Mate. Good ideas stick and the interest grow rapidly. In 1999 Moon performed live during ?Paul de Leeuw LIVE? at that time one of the biggest TV talk shows. A break through was eminent. Over 1.000.000 people saw Moon use the P-Mate liveon television! Overwhelmed by all publicity and interest, Moon decided to make the P-Mate an official product and make it available for all women in the Netherlands. From that moment the P-Mate started a revolution in the idea about peeing for women. Not only in the Netherlands, but also international is de P-Mate unstoppable.