Medical Corps Potassium Iodate (KIO3) - 60 Tablets / 170 Milligram

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Medical Corps Potassium Iodate Tablets (KIO3) - Thyroid Blocker, Nuclear Protection                                                            

60 (170 milligram) capsules/tablets per bottle                                                                                                     


Daily Human dosage:                                                                                                  

Adults 12 years and older 1 tablet daily for 3-14 days.                                                    

Children 3-12 years 1/2 tablet for 3 days or longer.
Children 1 month to 3 years 1/4 tablet daily for 3 days or longer.
Newborn to 1 month 1/8 to 1/4 tablet for 1 to 3 days.

KIO3 170mg Animal Instructions:

Large Dog: Give 1/2 to 1 tablets per day for 15 days (minimum)
Medium Dog: Give 1/4 to 1/2 tablet per day for 15 days (minimum)
Cats and Small Dogs: 1/8 to 1/4 a tablet per day for 15 days (minimum)

Please consider the following from the manufacturer before taking KIO3:

First and foremost, your chances of ever having to take a thyroid blocker such as KIO3 or KI for a nuclear emergency is virtually nil.  That said, another thing to consider is medical advice.  Talk to your doctor about the off chance of using KIO3 or KI.  You may have a medical condition that your doctor knows about which would mean that it is not a good idea.   For instance, you may have an allergy to Iodine.   You may have a thyroid condition called goiter.   You should NEVER take KIO3 or KI unless there is a real deal nuclear emergency and the authorities tell you to take it.


In any event, if there is nuclear fallout and you are caught in it then you will absorb radioactive Iodine (I-131)   If you have a thyroid, that radioactive will collect in your thyroid and cause damage and could eventually cause cancer of the thyroid.   If you have low thyroid or high thyroid then your thyroid will still absorb the "bad" Iodine.   Radioactive Iodine doesn't care about low thyroid, a small thyroid or high thyroid.   It attacks the thyroid so we put good Iodine in the thyroid so there is no more room for the bad iodine to enter.  


1)  Check with your doctor to make sure you could take KI or KIO3 during a nuclear emergency.

2)  Rumors don't count.   Only use KI or KIO3 when the authorities tell you to.

Chuck Fenwick, Director of Medical Corps, has this to say: "The FDA has never expressed serious concerns about KIO3. They have never removed KIO3 from any shelves or stores. Our purity, safety etc is regulated by the FDA by law.

In 2002 the FDA asked Medical Corps to consider coming to Bethesda to have KIO3 put on the Orange List or Orange Book so that Medical Corps could fill government contracts. We did consider and then declined. We do plenty of business without selling to the government. As a manufacturer of both KI and KIO3, we are rightly considered experts in both kinds of thyroid blockers.

The FDA inspects and assays not only the Potassium Iodate and Potassium Iodide powder, but all the ingredients that go into tablets. All of the tableting machines are registered with the DEA and FDA by law.

As a maker of KI and KIO3 I can assure you that (Potassium Iodate) is used by most all of the nations of the world because of it's superior uptake, longer shelf-life, heat resistance and not being hygroscopic (it won't absorb water like KI). The UK stocks about 30 million tablets and that includes Ireland and Scotland. China, Australia and Canada use KIO3 as well. India asked for a quote on multiple millions of tablets. All these countries do not stock, use or recommend KI. Other than America, no country has ever asked us to make KI for them.

KI proponents will never publically address the problems with KI: 1) KI used in animal studies have shown it to be a carcinogen and tumorigenic. 2) KI is exceedingly bitter and 6% of the population will vomit it back up. 3) KI can't be used around any heat because the Iodine will "cook out". 4) KI has a limited shelf-life.

170mg is the adult dose. 85mg tablets are easier to dose children because when dosing children under 12 years of age the dosing goes by years. 12 and older are considered adults. Dosing a new born to 1 month with a 170mg tablet means that you would have to cut the tablet into 1/8. Try doing that accurately.

Most of the world buys 85mg tablets while here in the states we like the 170mg tablets."

The U.S. government's stocking up. How about you?

If there were a nuclear event in our country, radioactive iodine would be released, which can damage your thyroid gland or even cause thyroid cancer. This may be prevented by taking potassium iodate- KIO3- a thyroid blocker which is the only known protection for this problem, immediately after fallout.

KIO3 tablets are stocked around the world for such an emergency and they are formulated for both adults and children; particularly children. The cost is reasonable, they work and could save your life. They should be part of every family's emergency kit.

"As a manufacturer of both KI and KIO3 I would like to point out that KIO3 is FDA approved and inspected. All of the ingredients are FDA approved and inspected as is the facility where it is made. Even the tableting machines and mixers are registered with the FDA and the DEA. " - Chuck Fenwick, Director, Medical Corps

See the Whole review at SurvivalBlog

Health experts now estimate that the greatest health concerns affecting the largest number of people from a nuclear event anywhere in the world, will be from the release of Radioactive Iodine 131 that is then carried downwind for hundreds of miles. The latest news indicates that Nuclear Power plants, over 100 in our country, are at risk from a terrorist attack.

Anyone living down wind from a nuclear reactor or nuclear strike the down winders.

Radioactive Iodine 131 is a major radioisotope that is abundantly present in both nuclear power plant accidents and nuclear bomb explosions and can travel hundreds of miles on the winds. Thyroid cancer attributable to Chernobyl has been documented up to 300 miles from the accident site.

Radioactive Iodine The bad Iodine (131-I) is always released in any type of nuclear reaction. It can be in the form of a gas or particle and will be taken up by the thyroid either by ingestion i.e. breathing the gas or particle, drinking or eating. Once in the body it will lodge in the thyroid and do irreparable damage.

Radioactive IodineHow potent is it? In medicine, minute amounts of 131-I (Radioactive Iodine) are used for thyroid ablation. This means that we use 131-I to chemically destroy a diseased thyroid. Unfortunately, significant amounts of 131-I are always released during ANY nuclear event. Fortunately, KIO3, a thyroid blocker, is the one thing we can take to prevent the exposure before the damage becomes irreversible.

Very small amounts of inhaled or ingested Radioactive Iodine can do serious damage because it will always be absorbed and held the thyroid gland. Eventually, by absorbing a large amount of radiation in the thyroid, abnormalities are likely to result, such as nodules in the thyroid, loss of thyroid function, or thyroid cancer.

What age groups of the population are most at risk? All are at risk if the release is heavy. However, the older you are, the higher the absorbed radioactive dose has to be to cause immediate damage. Young children, babies, newborns and babies in the womb will be affected first and suffer most from 131-I poisoning. The younger the child, the worse the damage will be.

Medical Corps and other health experts agree: The greatest danger from Radioactive Iodine is to the thyroid glands of children. Medical Researchers have found that in certain parts of Belarus, for example, over 30% of children, who were under the age of 4 years old at the time of the accident, can expect to develop thyroid cancer. That is why we chose to develop KIO3, and have formulated it for children, as well as adults.

How will KIO3 help? KIO3 is a thyroid blocker. If there is a nuclear event and fallout is headed your way thenand only thenshould you take KIO3 or any thyroid blocker. Taking a thyroid blocker will saturate (fill full) a healthy thyroid with good Iodine which will prevent the thyroid from absorbing 131-I the bad Iodine.

What happens if I do not take a thyroid blocker? If there is a nuclear eventand you are caught in falloutand your thyroid is not blocked with good Iodine then your thyroid will absorb the radioactive Iodine. Your thyroid does not know the difference between good Iodine and Radioactive Iodine.

Should I buy KIO3? Our job is to do what has never been done in our country. To provide the opportunity for every American to be able to make an informed decision before a perceived threat becomes a reality, because, if a nuclear event happens and you haven't acquired KIO3, then it will be too late.

How Much KIO3 do I need? Estimating How Much KIO3 you need is simple: You need one bottle for every adult in your family and one bottle for every two children, and any extra bottles to send or give to the people you love.

Should you want to purchase KIO3 for your pets, you should consider pet needs as same as a child. Dosing instructions accompanies your order.

Use KIO3 when directed by authorities or exposure to radioactive fallout is imminent.

Daily dosage: Adults 12 years and older 1 tablet daily for 3-14 days. If need be, children 3-12 years 1/2 tablet for 3 days or longer. Children 1 month to 3 years 1/4 tablet daily for 3 days or longer. Newborn to 1 month 1/8 to 1/4 tablet for 1 to 3 days.

Here Comes Fallout! (Now, What was it I was supposed to Take?)

By Chuck Fenwick Director, Medical Corps, Courtesy of TACDA

What is the big deal about KIO3 or KI? You know it is for nuclear preparedness, but just why is it so important?

Of all the radioactive isotopes and radioactive particles that can come from a nuclear reaction, radioactive iodine 131 (I-131) poisoning is one of the most lethal. The good news is that damage to the thyroid from exposure to I-131 can be prevented. Keep in mind these facts about your thyroid:

1) Your thyroid runs on iodine.
2) Your thyroid is a pig.
3) Your thyroid is stupid.

Your thyroid runs on iodine and will absorb all it can until it is absolutely full. This fullness is called saturation or blockade. However, your thyroid does not know the difference between good iodine and bad iodine. Good iodine is taken up by the thyroid in the form of potassium iodate (KI03) or potassium iodide (KI). Bad iodine, I-131, is a radioisotope of iodine which is produced in nuclear reactions such as a bomb or nuclear power plant. I-131 is what we call a beta emitter and if you get it on your skin it will burn you in much the same way as when you get bad sunburn. It has a half-life of roughly 8 days (8.01 to 8.07). One of the reasons spent fuel rods are stored in pools of water for months at a time, is that they will be off-gassing I-131 for roughly 10 half-lives (approximately 80 days).

If you are caught unprotected and downwind from a nuclear reaction and the plume or cloud of fallout reaches you, your thyroid will absorb this bad iodine. You now have sunburn in your thyroid and it is not going to go away. Eventually that sunburn in your thyroid can give you cancer (the FDA doesnt like me saying will give you cancer).

Now that your thyroid has absorbed the bad iodine, is there anything you can do to clean the thyroid out?

The answer is no. There are a few things that will help, but in reality you now have this radioactive sunburn in your thyroid and you are in big trouble. All of the good iodine or Prussian Blue or activated charcoal we can throw at the problem is not going to help. Depending on your age it will uh.. may take you several months to several years to develop cancer of the thyroid. That is the bad news. The good news is coming up.

The Good News:

Iodine--including I-131 and the other iodine isotopes--are from the halogen group. They act like a gas, which combines with things such as soil or metal. In a plume they float along and when conditions are right they plate out and come down like microscopic rain where growing plants, animals, and humans absorb them. We may breathe, eat or drink I-131 and even absorb it through the skin. And yes, your pets are at risk too, as well as your livestock. In fact, it is best not to eat exposed plants or food animals for at least 90 days, and this includes eggs and milk. Remember, your thyroid doesnt care if it is bad or good iodine, nor does it care where it comes from.

Lets get back to the Im going to die part. When taken for the proper length of time and in the proper amounts, KI03 and KI act as thyroid blockers. When the thyroid is filled to capacity with good iodine, the bad iodine is blocked from entering. If you had KIO3 or KI on hand and had taken it before the plume or cloud reached you, then your thyroid would have been about 99% saturated with good iodine. The bad iodine would then biologically slough from your body through natural bodily functions. The bad iodine will only affect those who haven’t prepared.

Will the government be able to provide KI or KIO3 to you after (or just before) exposure to fallout?

Maybe. If a power plant melts down or in a small terrorist attack, government officials may have time to get the iodine blockers to you. If it is a full-scale nuclear attack, however, members of the state and federal government will be too occupied with personal survival to help anyone except themselves. Keep in mind that a nuclear attack always produces an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) and quite likely all electrical circuits will be destroyed or damaged. It will then be impossible to print or distribute any printed material through normal media processes. In fact, that new digital safe where you keep your family papers, guns, money and medicines will never work again, and if your KIO3 is in there, then your thyroid is in big trouble.

KIO3 versus KI:

Actually there is no versus. They are both thyroid blockers and both will blockade the thyroid. Both KI and KIO3 are FDA approved and inspected.

KIO3 is more heat tolerant than KI; therefore, KIO3 is used in most of the worlds iodized saltnot so the United States. When stored in a dark, cool place, KIO3 has a much longer shelf life than KI.

How much should you have on hand?

First and foremost, you need to have a several weeks supply of KI or KIO3 on hand in storage, now. If we have a nuclear event, the chances of you getting it after the event are remote to nonexistent. Another point to consider: If we have one nuclear event we will most likely have others over the next several days. That is the reason we produce multi-dose bottles. We had to ask ourselves, "How much is enough?"

How do you Take KI and KIO3?

KIO3 can be taken in tablet form or sprinkled on food or dissolved in drinks. It is not bitter and children won't throw it up--which is the point. However, taking KIO3 on an empty stomach feels like taking an aspirin on an empty stomach so take it with food or water. If food or water is not handy then by all means don't delay--just swallow or chew up the proper dose. KI, on the other hand, is terribly bitter and the taste must be disguised. This from the FDA on disguising the bitter taste of KI: The mixture of potassium iodide with raspberry syrup disguises the taste of potassium iodide best. The mixtures of potassium iodide with low fat chocolate milk, orange juice, and flat soda (for example, cola) generally have an acceptable taste. Low fat white milk and water did not hide the salty taste of potassium iodide.

When should you take a thyroid blocker?

I'm supposed to say that the authorities will tell you when to take the KIO3 or KI, but if there is an EMP it will be impossible for them to relay this information, and most likely the authorities will either be in a shelter or dead--so you really are on your own. A gas mask will not do the job properly. You would have to live, eat, drink and sleep in the mask for many days. Also, human skin will absorb radioactive iodine even if you do wear a mask. The only way to completely avoid I-131 is to stay in a self-contained blast shelter that has a proper air filtration system. Thyroid blockers are most effective if taken 8 to 12 hours before exposure. They can be started 8 to 12 hours after exposure with fairly good results, but the earlier the better, as any amount of radioactive iodine is bad for your thyroid.

Caution! KIO3 in tablet form is for nuclear emergencies, only, and is not a supplement for thyroid health. You want your thyroid to function normally during peacetime and the amount of iodine you receive in your food and salt should be adequate for normal thyroid function. Do not take a thyroid blocker unless you expect an imminent exposure to radioactive fallout. Medical Corps' KIO3 will block the thyroid from working, which is exactly what you want to happen during a nuclear emergency. The directions are on the bottle and are very important.

How long should you take a thyroid blocker?

You will need to take your KIO3 or KI for 3 to 14 days depending on the event. For a period of 80 days after the last known nuclear event, do not drink the milk from cows or goats and eat only canned foods. Small babies should not take a thyroid blocker for longer than 3 days unless absolutely necessary. This means a baby in the womb, too! If pregnant, do not take a thyroid blocker for more than 3 days or nurse your baby while taking the blocker. If babies block their thyroid for longer than 3 days then a doctor may need to give them a thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). If your thyroid has been surgically removed then you do not need to take a thyroid blocker.

Read the label for proper dosing. KIO3 comes in 170mg tablets or 85mg tablets. KI comes in 130mg tablets or 65mg tablets so the dosing on the bottle will tell you how much to take and how often.

In conclusion: Buy your KI or KIO3 now so you can concentrate on other things like food, water, shelter and education--especially education. The old civil defense motto was: Knowledge Replaces Fear.

Chuck Fenwick, Director, Medical Corps

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For the potential nuclear reactor "mishap" or nuclear "incident" sponsored by a foreign government or terrorist group, you would be hard pressed to find these in time to protect your thyroid glands.

Government "distribution" of stockpiled pills would most likely be too late or never at all in an all out conflict. Why take that chance?

These tablets will last a considerable number of years in storage and are available right now. Of course leaving these in deep secure storage out of reach would render the purchase a waste of time.

Purchase an additional quantity to store in your home or shelter and have a quantity with you either in sealed container (family) or the sealed pouch version for individual EDC. Rotate your stock if you are able to.

If your radiation detection unit
( ) alerts you to dangerous levels of radiation listen for the government broadcasts advising you to take the pills - only then is it time. 3-14 days worth for the average adult should be anticipated.

Read the informative article on this website regarding the product - be informed and secure whatever quantity you can for your family.
Review by ICE4SAFETY  (Posted on 1/4/2017)