Boot Fix Bacteria & Fungus Preventer (6 packs)

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Keep Fungus and Bacteria Out of Your Boots

In a crisis, we depend on our footwear. But they can do a number on our feet, no matter how well they fit. Moisture builds up, followed by odor, bacteria and fungi. Moisture also causes blisters.  

The solution? Carry Boot Fix and pour it in. It’s that simple. Check out these Boot Fix Features:

  • Works instantly to remove odor and moisture
  • Helps provide an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial environment for your feet
  • Easy to store

  • Six packs for multiple uses

  • Great for use in boots and shoes in storage

  • Indefinite shelf life

  • 100% naturally organic

  • Made in the USA

Directions for Use:
Apply 1/2 package to inside of each warm, dry boot or shoe. Shake to distribute, and dump out. Use dry cloth to remove any excess.

Clinoptilolite, enhanced for moisture and odor control