Coghlans Plastic Grommets

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What is a Grommet?

Definition: an eyelet placed in a hole in a sheet or panel to protect or insulate a rope or cable passed through it or to prevent the sheet or panel from being torn. A grommet is a ring or edge strip inserted into a hole through thin material, typically a sheet of textile fabric, sheet metal or composite of carbon fiber, wood or honeycomb. Grommets are generally flared or collared on each side to keep them in place, and are often made of metal, plastic, or rubber.

We carry the Coghlans Plastic Grommets which are the product of choice when repairing your tent from rips and tears.


  • They are easy, inexpensive and a must for a backup while camping. 
  • They are durable, made of strong plastic and for use with repairing nylon, plastic and canvas type fabric.
  • They are used for adding or replacing missing holes or grommets. 
  • 7/16 in. inside diameter
  • All you need is a hammer to install. 
  • Comes with 8 snap and tap grommets.