Coghlans Zipper Pulls

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Zip It Up!

Add Coghlan’s Zipper Pulls to any of your zippers for help in reaching a zipper you can’t quite get to. Easy to tie on, and durable. Have a stubborn zipper? Coghlan’s Zipper Pulls is the answer.  

With this 4-pack package of them, you’ll have more than enough to fix the zippers of more than one item and can store them for years in the event that you don’t have these types of accidents.  Easy to use, durable, and lightweight, they won’t take up much space in your camping gear, bug out bag, or junk drawer. Keep them handy on trips so you can fix anything that comes up.

Easy step by step instructions, as well as information on their use can be found on the package. Simply tie it onto your zipper and go. When you don’t need it on there anymore, simply remove it.

Coghlan's Zipper Pulls are handy replacements or attach to zippers on jackets, coats, sleeping bags, backpacks and more.

  • Comes in a Package of 4