Rothco Large Mesh Accessory Bag

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Large Coyote Brown Military Type Drawstring 

Nylon Mesh Barracks bags 24" x 30"

Rothco's Large Mesh Accessory Bag is lightweight and great for laundry or travel. Perfect for camping trips, RV's, and more. This military style laundry bag is constructed from 100% nylon mesh, making it extremely durable and lightweight, while the drawstring top allows for easy closure. Rothco's Mesh Bag measures 24" x 30".

  • Mesh Laundry Bag
  • Lightweight
  • Constructed From Nylon For Durability
  • Packs Easily And Features A Drawstring Top

The high-speed water flow of the washing machine will cause the clothes to be entangled and knotted, stretched and deformed, smashed or scratched.  It is a headache when the clothes are entangled when taken out. When using a washing machine to wash clothes, this laundry bag can be used to sort the clothes. Coyote brown color.