Franklin's Finest Survival Coffee (720 servings, 1 bucket) - Exclusive Offer

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Franklin's Finest medium roast coffee is perfect for your next camping trip, or storing up for a future event. With a 30 year shelf life, heavy duty packaging, and in a water resistant bucket, you won't need to worry about storage.

This delicious medium roast, 100% Columbian coffee is the first ever emergency storage coffee. Packed in air tight packages, they will stay as fresh as the day we packed it until you open it to enjoy a cup.

No need to have a coffee maker on hand, just some hot water and your favorite additions.

  • 100% Pure Gourmet Colombian Coffee Gently Freeze-dried To Preserve Flavor
  • 720 servings making this a great item to share at a campfire gathering
  • First Ever Emergency Coffee With a True 30-year Shelf Life
  • Easy to Prepare - All You Need Is Water and Your Favorite Mug

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