Solo Scientific Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter

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Hello Solar!

Start your fire with the sun!  You can also store your tinder in this water-tight storage container, and the top inside cover is a signal mirror - fits in your pocket!  Works with sun light shinning through a window while indoors to start your fireplace! Machined from solid aircraft-spec aluminum and weighing in at a scant four ounces, the Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter is only 2.6 inches in diameter so it can fit in your pocket.

The Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter uses a true parabolic reflector that does not have spherical aberration like a magnifying glass. The tinder holder arm is securely stowed in the top housing during non-use and has a circular area and an expandable slot at the top to insert and lock your tinder in place just above the focus of the Tinder Hot Box Solar Fires Starter portion.  Works anywhere the sun is. 

The top of our Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter™ is also a signal mirror that is there when you need it!

Note: The fire starting portion of the Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter™ cannot be used as a signal mirror as all solar energy and light is focused at a point just above the unit. To signal for rescue or to signal friends you simply remove the tinder arm from the top inside of the unit and flash the sunlight at your target.

Patented 9404653B1