QuikClot Hemostatic Agent


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QuikClot brand hemostatic agent is a breakthrough product that saves lives by rapidly stopping severe bleeding. It is composed of an inert mineral substance that can be formulated and delivered to meet a variety of medical needs and applications.

QuikClot is changing the way we look at traumatic bleeding, by giving the first responder and others, an additional tool they can use to save a life.

QuikClot is a molecular sieve, sifting molecules by size. When QuikClot comes into contact with blood in and around a wound, it rapidly takes in the smaller water molecules from the blood. The larger platelet and clotting factor molecules remain in the wound in a highly concentrated form. This promotes extremely rapid natural clotting and prevents severe blood loss. Additionally, the nano-engineered particles provide key surface chemistry, rapidly enhancing the body's natural coagulation process. The process represents a new approach to hemostasis, which typically involves adding clotting factors rather than extracting elements to halt bleeding.