Rothco Polyester Paracord - 50 Ft. / Black

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  • 550 lb. test - 7 strand core
  • Diameter: 5/32"
  • 100% Polyester
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    Review by John Clyme

    Review by John Clymer for Rating: I am a camper, suvsiralivt, from way back. Solo Mountain Man. I use a Full Frame Pack. I am Base Camp 1. I carry Everything but food. The Heavy Man. I Break Camp. Pack II carries all the extras.There is camping and there is camping. I prefer to camp where no man or woman has gone before. And there is Roadside Camping with people about.This type of toilet seat was given to me as a gift 45 years ago. It was the Greatest Invention! I may not take it all the way up a mountain with me, but Basic Camp and weekend stuff it is fantastic. When you bush it, there are not many options.Holding a small tree in front of you is best. Or Squat uncomfortably. I have tried sitting on logs, etc 50 years, Nothing works great.This portable, Comfortable , Seat is ready to go when you are ready to go. I dig a small hole with my pack shovel and use the Seat . I then Cover the dig over and I am ready to purify my hands and move out. Construction work. Construction Work again, primitive but Functional. No water, electric, etc The Portable House is either not there or Filthy. I use the bag in more social situations. The bags used to be Blue and Real Heavy Duty.I could not give a high enough praise for this product. Trust me.This is the campers friend. No buckets or mess.In the bush, you would never know anyone had been there.
    Review by Ruud  (Posted on 11/26/2015)