Roma Tube Pasta Machine by Weston Products

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Ever wanted to make your own penne pasta? Or maybe macaroni? Making tubular pasta isn't easy - unless you have a Tube Pasta Maker. With this pasta machine, you can extrude rigatoni 0.4" diameter ribbed tube, fusili 0.4" spirals, bucatini 0.2" diameter smooth tube, mezze penne 0.2" diameter smooth tube, and tortiglioni 0.4" diameter ribbed tube.

Features: The machine includes:

  • 5 Pasta discs and a disc rack to store and organize them
  • C-Clamp to attach machine to a counter top
  • Dough mixing kit
  • Ring nut wrench to easily release the front ring when changing discs or adding the dough mixing kit
  • Cutter spatula to cut the pasta from the disc
  • Pasta dough mixing kit includes front cap,enclosed lid, and mixing paddle

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