SenzAway Tooth Desensitizer- 1 Treatment

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Instantly stop tooth sensitivity with new SenzAway. SenzAway is clinically proven to immediately eliminate your tooth sensitivity from cold, sweets and heat for up to six full months with just one treatment.

SenzAway works better and lasts longer than other desensitizers on the market and is a great value. To learn more about how SenzAway works, please read the Frequently Asked Questions provided below.

Now you can use the toothpaste of your choice. Now you can get your teeth whitened without being concerned about the sensitivity side effect. Most importantly, now you can enjoy your favorite foods without pain. Welcome back ice cream, old you've been missed.

Dentist developed
Clinically proven
One treatment lasts up to six months

Brush teeth, using toothpaste, and rinse well. In cases of extreme sensitivity to cold, warm the Senzzzzz Away to body temperature before opening by holding the blister pack under warm water for 10 seconds.

Grip the foil cover of the blister pack and slowly peel it back, exposing the applicator brush and dispensing cup.
Dip the brush applicator into the dispensing cup and coat it with the gel. Make sure no excess gel is dripping from the end of the brush.
Senzzzzz-Away may be applied to moist or dry teeth. Hold your cheek or lips away from the sensitive teeth while applying the gel and allowing it to dry. You may use a tool such as the handle of a toothbrush, or your fingers to help keep your cheek or lips from contacting your teeth. Rub gel onto the sensitive teeth with the brush for 20 seconds. If possible, avoid touching the gum or other soft tissue with the gel. Allow the gel to dry for 2 minutes. It will become frosty and white. The brush applicator can hold enough gel to treat up to 3 teeth.
If treating more than 3 teeth, dip the brush applicator into the gel again and repeat steps 2 and 3 for the additional teeth (no more than 3 teeth at time).
After a 2 minute drying time, rinse gently with warm water.
If sensitivity to hot or cold liquids is not relieved within several minutes of application, you may apply Senzzzzz Away one more time. Do not exceed 2 applications to the same teeth at any one time. If relief is still not obtained, consult your dentist, as this may be an indication of a dierent dental condition.
Dispose of the entire package and applicator after use.
Ingredients: Distilled water, Potassium Binoxalate, Nitric Acid, Carbopol


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This is the best product ever!!

I have braces and my impacted wisdom tooth was pushing on my tooth which gave me a great deal of pain. My husband and I found this product and when it tell you it works wonders...IT WORKS WONDERS!! I havent had any pain since. I know this is for sensitivity to cold and hot but it works for me!
Review by MrsGrease  (Posted on 2/17/2017)